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June 3, 2016

Commercial broadcasting formula TV portal TVer
In the 53rd galaxy prize TV section
We win "frontier prize"!
Nippon Television Network Corporation
TV Asahi Corporation
TV TOKYO Corporation
Fuji Television Network Inc.

In the 53rd galaxy prize TV section
We win "frontier prize"!

 In catch-up service "TVer" (tea bar) which had free streaming of TV show by five residence in Tokyo commercial broadcasting (Nippon Television Network Corporation, TV Asahi Corporation, TBS TV, TV TOKYO Corporation, Fuji Television Network Inc.) on advertisement, NPO/non profit organization broadcast review round-table conference won "frontier Prize" of TV section in "the 53rd galaxy prize" of sponsorship.
   The 53rd (2015) zoshoshiki of galaxy Prize given for superior programs broadcasted in the country was held on June 2, and TVer reclaimed new state of TV, and the achievement was evaluated for having carried out an activity that it was like challenge of portent to let possibility have a foreboding in the future and won frontier Prize.
   "TVer" provides all 85 programs (as of June 3) for PC, smartphone, tablets. When we can easily look for TV show which we overlooked and we choose appearance program of favorite talent and can watch, it is formula free of charge streaming service that there is because it is five residence in Tokyo commercial broadcasting. We have many of you enjoy the new seeing and hearing experience and are breaking through total 2.7 million downloading now
  It is latest and updates while incorporating opinion from using including screen correspondence when we turned addition of "preemptive resume" that we continue from the scene that we watched halfway last time and can regenerate and tablet terminal aside and continues evolving every day. As you improve addition and function of delivery contents sequentially and will act so that many of you can use more, in new challenge "TVer" of the other of five residence in Tokyo commercial broadcasting, please expect by all means continuously.
[commercial broadcasting formula TV portal "TVer" summary]
    ● Service name      TVer (tea bar)
        ● Service summary           Free delivery with advertisement of residence in Tokyo commercial broadcasting five (and affiliated broadcasting station) production contents
                                          And it is program related information such as talent information
  ● Operator                The present cast
● Fee          Free of charge
● Delivery contents    Drama and variety (the companies 12-20 program/week degree) during the companies broadcast
               After closedown until the next time broadcast (basic around one week)
●Target device    PC, smartphone, tablet
  Web site:
※Android, Google Play are trademark of Google Inc. or registered trademarks.
※iPhone, iTunes and App Store are trademarks of Apple Inc. registered in the United States and other countries.
※Listed company name and product name are registered trademark of the companies or trademarks.

[with galaxy prize?]
 We were founded in 1963 to honor excellent program, individual, group publicly in hope of qualitative improvement of Japanese broadcast culture. Galaxy prize digs up a certain will work and supports the creative of producers. "Galaxy" is the Milky Way, the Milky Way. We have a meaning called gorgeous meeting of wit and beauty. We were named in hope of much talent sparkling in the world of broadcast.
 It is senshojigyoiinkai composed of broadcast review round-table conference regular member that examines. Targeting at TV, radio, CM, the news activities, place to push forward careful selection work that respected everydayness is characteristic.

[with frontier prize?]
 We founded "frontier prize" newly in TV section from 2015. By the spread of net or smartphones, environment around the media greatly changed. There are none in the future of TV only by holding on to past success experience. Unprecedented mind challenging is demanded from TV now without being afraid of failure. "Frontier prize" reclaims new ground of TV literally and supports eager approach to widen the future and possibility. We intend for the new making of structure, continuous activity widely without remaining in individual programs, and TV section committee selects.

[with catch-up service?]
Formula free of charge streaming service by broadcasting station fixed period of time-limited after the broadcast that has overlooked, and targeted real-time user whom we were not able to watch about broadcast. Other than the company service of each station and service from "TVer", included service from partner delivery company (some archive contents are included, too.); is named generally.

[service name origin of "TVer (tea bar)"]
Anyone of user is freed from place and limitation of time and becomes able to enjoy TV show to more oneself in total more freely. People (= TVer) who watched TV with such a new style increased in the world more and more and touched with request to want you to enjoy TV more than before.

                                                                                                                         The above

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