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Written by Taichi Kokubun, Shinpei Kurihara/issuance: The MCO/release: The KADOKAWA/list price: Body 1,800 yen (tax-excluded)


The Saturday, April 20, 2019 release!

Become book of popular dishes program "KITCHEN TALK", the eleventh!

We can make with imminent ingredients, simple procedure absolutely deliciously!
Full recipes which can realize "pleasure of dishes" "joy of eating."

Number of the publication recipes, 100 or more! As well as 10 products, Taichi Kokubun photographs all the dishes photographs in the past!

♯Collecting (going to publish the following a recipe) thoroughly together complete in recipe of the four seasons when it is full of variety from 508 (for March 4, 2018 broadcast) for about one year "main" "adding."

◇To feast of special day. Colorful rich, authentic "paella of chicken and seafood" that taste of material stands out

◇Plentiful green onion is sour pan of new sense of the leading role. "Ogre green onion black vinegar pan" which is delicious to Japanese hawfinch

◇We reproduce classic menu of Western food restaurant of Showa in house. "omuhayashi" of good old taste

◇We are devised by classic combination. "Fired rice with beef & airing prawns gyoza" which hanahajikami and doubanjiang, flavor of dried prawns spread through

◇Main dish, vice-greens, soup "seasonal Japanese set meal" of easy taste that fully used seasonal ingredients

◇Gourmet trip to taste staple dish to Macao! Two articles of take-out recipes that we made use of cooking that we learned locally in

◇A lot of luxurious guests appearance! We publish all many unrivaled article recipes that guest showed

Book-limited special plan ""live in morning of KITCHEN TALK

Popularity is becoming fixation, standard; "live in the morning". Taichi & Shinpei Kurihara thoroughly enjoys breakfast of "fine weather and ke" under refreshing Asanohikari. We publish bowl rice and simple four, sandwiches which are recommended to brunch, dishes which two made including lump salad to be able to cook quickly in busy morning as book-limited recipe.