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Black Clover

The next time notice
Episode 145 "recapture"

2020.09.29 onair

When Devil banissha has condemnation of Nero and Mary in front of people, we announce previously. By order of Julius who knew that, rescue mission by magic Knights Hospitalers was going to begin led by "black violence beef" corps. Members of magic Knights Hospitalers which placement had each are overwhelmed by people who show strange upsurge probably because we are moved by hatred to the devil, but, meanwhile, we haul off Nero and Mary at last, and Devil banissha appears. And we require that "evil spirit possesses" towards members of magic Knights Hospitalers disappearing in spectators and pushes out no Asta.

Past story
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Episode 34 "light magic VS darkness magic"

2018.05.29 onair

Asta and others who was made to be in a predicament by Lihit which gave its "devil eyes, head of nights with the midnight sun" and appearance of master Val toss of "space magic" again. Underground leader in response to support request appeared there with finraru. It is high-speed, and underground leader in conflict with Lihit avoids "light magic" of approaching Lihit casually in place of hurt Asta and others and sets in a split second attack by "darkness magic". We investigate sign "*" (come) of partner, and leader who is good at the tactics that last reading does the next attack says absurd thing to Asta watching fight suddenly saying "do the same thing"……?

Episode 33 "becomes for somebody sometime"

2018.05.22 onair

Formation disadvantage and Ghosh who considered ran away only with Mary on seeing Valor which became "monster of mud" by "rimadogu" (uramadogu) of Sally and her who used "gel magic" that was uncongenial to "mirror magic" of Ghosh. Ghosh who gave all only to protecting younger sister posthumously of parents is not going to listen to words of Mary to persuade saying "we perform all for help" either. On the other hand, we were desperate, and Asta who came to have to fight fought while receiving protection of sister, but had a hard fight to monster of mud to regenerate at terrible speed while lacking in Ghosh, and protecting children in sister tele dia and two.

Episode 32 "bud of honewort"

2018.05.15 onair

Asta and others rushed to cave where children were kept. Asta having square on seeing figure of Ghosh who flew into a rage with partner who harmed to younger sister and children who lost magical power corners Valor of criminal and brothers of neige. Wirepuller of case called by Valor appeared then. That was sari of devil eyes of nights with the midnight sun to have unusual interest towards Asta.
On the other hand, sekke which caught report of this case by chance from Noel visited hiding place of black violence beef corps which was the nearest to town of Nairne for support request, but, including underground leader, we were overwhelmed by too individual members and were not able to convey business…….

Episode 31 "chase in snow"

2018.05.08 onair

Children of town which disappeared without any sign. Marco of younger brother, younger sister Mary of Ghosh were with younger sister Luke of Rebecca in that, too. Mary is worried, and Ghosh that it is not traces mana that dwelled in mirror of "madogu" (madogu) which Asta and sister worrying about other children are embarrassed and give sister with dia to hear story from sister tele dia taking care of Mary at church and looks for place to stay. But - - which finally approached to Mary Devil's temptation of objective criminal taking magical power away from children, and selling at a high price!

Episode 30 "evil course person of mirror"

2018.05.01 onair

Asta visits house of Rebecca and younger brothers and sisters where we met the other day and will go to "town of Nairne". We are interested in Asta again, and Noel when we heard story presses trace in secret. Ghosh adorei of black violence beef corps going to the town of one Nairn separately from such two. There was Mary of younger sister who lived in Nairn to Ghosh, and today was birthday of Mary. However, we see Mary playing with Asta amicably accidentally and are distracted while going to meet younger sister? In hame which will catch up with you, and is passed to Ghosh of super stereo component system that Asta asserts, "only Mary is all of me?" Case that a large number of children are kidnapped at a time in the evening by someone happens.

Episode 29 "way"

2018.04.24 onair

Father and sister Lily who become glad whenever time stands after Asta and Juno became member of long-cherished magic Knights Hospitalers as the first step and hears achievement of two to be magic emperor. On the other hand, there was person who was nice by achievement of two in magic Knights Hospitalers. That calls Asta "mabudachi" and we call Juno of close friend "mabudachi of mabudachi" in the childhood friends and continue watching the achievement secretly (?) It was member of black violence beef group, Gordon agurippa?

Episode 28 "person who made up the mind"

2018.04.17 onair

Asta is invited to finraru ruler Case of senior and there are rack and three people for some reason and will go to joint party. Noel when we cannot help being interested in Asta to hear story is part-time job in a hurry secretly in shop where three people left for to investigate state? Joint party finally begins, but of rack and Asta of battle enthusiast is too big (?) Women's group is slightly feeling ill at ease in story of dream. However, Asta who heard story to take care of young younger brothers and sisters from one of the women's groups, Rebecca scarlet remembers children of church and finds a kindred spirit in. We irritate Noel.

Episode 27 "light"

2018.04.10 onair

It was magic emperor Julius whom it waited for in hiding place of enemy that we held onto people who gave their "devil eyes (byakuyanomagan) of nights with the midnight sun", and saved Asta of desperate situation. It is Asta staring at Julius with overwhelming power in utter amazement, but "light magic" strong suddenly is given off, and strange "slate" which there was is robbed of by the place with enemy whom we put under restraint when Julius was going to obtain information from them. Julius who came back to castle town by news from Marx of aide has powerful power than enemy thought from the damage situation and information that was slightly provided and it is what or takes in that we plan to be awful and tells members of magic Knights Hospitalers to brace itself still more.

Episode 26 "wounded beast"

2018.04.03 onair

In front of Asta and others, further enemy appeared. Asta and Leopold who challenge new enemy to fight without losing fighting spirit while becoming full of wounds. But enemy regarding strength of combative instinct of two as dangerous sets intense attack to kill two at this place. Asta and Leopold could not start protection of Noel after all idly either, but magic Knights Hospitalers sent to distant place cooperated by space magic and came back to castle town then. It was Noel relieved on arrival of stouthearted reinforcements, but that is transient, and Asta is taken away by enemy.

Episode 25 "adverse circumstances"

2018.03.27 onair

fuegoreon leader was caught by space magic and disappeared while Asta and others stared. When there is practiced hand for motion of magic of pinpoint at only Leader fuegoreon near, we suppose Noel. Asta uncovered the real identity, but unbelievable thing happens in front of such the Asta and others!
On the other hand, Catherine who received big damage by attack of Juno whom we borrowed power of spirit of a dead person shirufu of wind from fixed on member of black violence beef corps which was in the place, charr me papittoson to restore magical power and physical strength that we lost…….

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