Weekend YY JUMPing

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Opinion, impression
In shop which is scared, and is hard to enter
Gourmet report!

This time is SP plan! Though taste is delicious, it sneaks into shop which is hard to enter for fear of storekeeper! It is Hey how in a certain such odd quirks shop! Say! JUMP and Johnny's Jr. challenge gourmet report! We report against thick people of character well and aim at skill up!
▽Of storekeeper have a sharp tongue! Fantastic thing with oku? ▽The Japan's most annoying? With mysterious course that we cannot eat? ▽It is infiltrated by shop where Kyoichi Azuma ardent Hanshin fans gather! ▽We cannot order? With grilled ton shop that line is possible?
Can you really report against thick storekeeper of character well? Don't miss it!
[appearance] yabu*ta / Yuri Chinen(Hey! Say! JUMP),
Shota Tozuka / Ryosuke Hashimoto (A.B.C._Z), Shintaro Morimoto / Tsuneya Otsuka (Johnny's Jr)