So that you does what; to Japan?

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It is special for 2018/7/23 broadcast two hours!

[true intention and principle YOU]
YOU which is impressed by Japan's original way of thinking "telepathy" and "true intention and principle", and wants to completely learn Japanese and Japanese culture. We spend one year and tell with person that it is various in point where we go on a trip by bicycle from Tokyo to Okinawa and met, and it is said that we want to study in new Japanese. Large-scale coherence of 2,000 kilos in total. Compose Japanese song impromptu, and become quite popular, and personality of YOU calls miracle everywhere, in surprising development!

[youth YOU]
350 of 1,000 all the students adhere to YOU in Akinori school organized by contributions Junior High School to be YOU, high school. Captain YOU of comics region that it is dream that become professional comic artist in YOU and Japan of sumo club which came being attracted by Asashoryu from Mongolia. At first it is said that it is aim to win in comics Koshien held in the whole country.

[memory photograph]
Popular corner that has YOU leaving Japan in Narita Airport show the most memorable photograph in Japan.
As for what YOU showed, it is said that nikotto is photograph which we projected blooming kapuriko on, cake heaven where, in fact, Japan is lucky….

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It is already YOU in Ueno (5) bookmaking together

So that YOU does what; to Japan? (delivery original)

We are delivering video of original plan!

From popular movie and drama, new item including animation variety to masterpiece. Streaming service Paravi (Para bi)

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So that YOU does what; to Japan? (delivery original)

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