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2018/4/23 broadcast

[former teacher YOU which came to graduation ceremony]
YOU which taught English at junior high school of Japan until three months ago. We have returned home for disease of family in a hurry, but surprise visits graduation ceremony of student this time. Do you really succeed? In fact, elite office worker who originally YOU is IT company of New York, and works. Reason that there is in what became teacher in Japan….

[as for the souvenir which YOU bought in Japan?]
Popular corner that has you show souvenir which YOU bought in Japan in Narita Airport. Highlight full loading including YOU which YOU which bought 0 0 of adult adult, thin YOU of hair purchased that expected in large quantities and crossed with that legendary girl professional wrestler!

[fishing fool YOU]
"American fishing fool" self-styled in fishing career for 38 years YOU. It is said that we want to do fishing confrontation looking for Japanese fishing fool this time. Is enthusiastic; and YOU to Choshi of Chiba. Three Japanese that it is more than 30 years in what we found there in fishing career. Curtain of Japan vs. fishing fool confrontation of the United States was and was dropped.

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