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2018/1/29 broadcast

[YOU which came for bacon Festival]
President that YOU makes bacon in United States Iowa. Anyway, it is YOU of bacon love with bacon socks, bacon pants, bacon song. It is said that we came for bacon festival to be held this time in Kofu. In fact, close bond that we turned on pork was in Iowa and Kofu. And, on the day of the bacon Festival, craze for bacon blows up to the maximum! On earth what?

[chubby YOU]
Popular plan that serves things to want to eat to the full in chubby YOU. Though bar dishes have various kinds this time, and like, is feast in YOU where it is dissatisfied with that there is little one dish of quantity. As for the menu of bar where we took to by car for two hours, 2,500 kinds and quantity were what great, too! Cheap, delicious bar dishes are full-course meals!

[YOU loving X Japan hide]
Four Taiwanese boys who loves hide of XJAPAN which died suddenly in 1998. We go to Yokosuka with grave of hide for visit to a grave, and it is said that we want to introduce thought of thanks into hide.

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