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It is castle of demon king EPISODE 1
The ancient times when all these countries were covered in deep forest…Pure youth, Yoshihiko was chosen as brave man with straightness and went to trip to save village…And Yoshihiko meets strange friend…Is good at incantation, and lead merebu, soldier, Dan Joe, daughter, purple, brave man of village; Buddha. After many fights, we achieved friends and the demon king subjugation. ⇒In detail

It is key of demon EPISODE 2
Time of 100 years went by after demon king was defeated, and, in the world, it was revealed again who seal of demons was, and it has been at the times when demons grew wild in the world. People remember. Existence of brave man named Yoshihiko who ever defeated demon king…. However, Yoshihiko left the world long ago, and person in succession to the blood did not exist, too. The sky was high, and Buddha appeared there and told light of the mercy to this world when we posed and brought brave man Yoshihiko to life and looked for key of demon seal and we took peace and returned to the world. ⇒In detail

Seven people whom it is led EPISODE 3 to
After brave man Yoshihiko winning against dark God, fierce fight with death Tak, and saving the world; several hundred years later…The world entirely changed by strongest enemy, demon king of the heavens again in the dark times. Yoshihiko party who revived by power of Buddha goes for trip around the world. Can Yoshihiko really save the world again?…! ⇒In detail

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