July 14, 2017

Charm of U-18 member explodes! "THE karaoke battle" concert is Tokyo's 23 wards first advance

 Ancestor karaoke machine marking program "THE karaoke ★ battle" that started in 2014. In the Japan's most gorgeous karaoke room that Masaaki Sakai acts as honor, professional of song of various fields first rank and song horse singers of the whole country gather and program competing for proud singing voice jumps out of program and holds concert♪

 We hold concert tour in Okayama, 3 cities of Tokyo and won favorable reception with Fukuoka as a start for from last November to this February, but make a foray into long-cherished Tokyo's 23 wards for the first time this time! Part 1 performed from 14:00 is notice ke !! with state of full thanks and second part that there is, and was performed in Tokyo Dome city hall from 18:00


 Bouquet which was sent by Masaaki Sakai of owner, fans when we enter venue meets customer. At product sales corner selling performer and program goods again until just before the start crowd. Before start, heat comes.

 And, at 18:00, curtain of Part 2 went up. It is green Chiga, also known as RiRiKA and "high-pitched tone opera witch" called "tears jiennu" in Takarazuka strongest divas to have appeared after introduction VTR of program. With "always near song" recorded in "THE karaoke ★ battle" "BEST ALBUM" released in last December when sing emotionally, the audience seems to be enraptured by the beautiful singing voice o.

This music is music of three people including diva, Jonan Sea from Amami, but unfortunately castle is nonparticipation on account of the work.


And announcer Miki Shigeta acting as progress by program is called in by two people and appears when two people finish singing.

"At last ‼ which made a foray into 23 wards" (Shigeta)

"Next will go to Tokyo Dome (in the neighbor)! Whether you can go if you splash the soul of language" (laugh)

When green says so, big applause arises from venue. Though Tokyo Dome performance may be dream, too?

 From "song of U-18 horse Koshien where we are also serialized, and even program became popular plan," a U-18 best four king is appearance. Talented person, Ruri Takeno of folk song world that it became expert rank at 15 years old to display top batter. We let fist work and sing "jonkara woman clause" of Yoko Nagayama who has shown even program emotionally. "rurichan" Kohl goes out of seat in interval, too, and heat of venue is feeling such as the climax early.


 With dress look which is bright red Mai Sasaki who is a runner up successively in "song of U-18 horse Koshien" performed in February, and King best four protects seat of King best four in fierce battle of replacing, and pulled in stage. And we sing hit "Silhouette Romance" of Junko Ohashi in a loud voice bewitchingly while shaking pierced earrings of pearl. We get thinner, and it is reputation, but this sex appeal hardly thinks that we became beautiful with high school student recently!


 Yui Hori with nickname of the strongest high school girl reverses herself and appears for feeling such as life-sized high school student called blazer look & ponytail vigorously. "Ocean of good-bye" of Kiyotaka Sugiyama of stage use up from tip to toe, and show powerful performance. As for penlight pink in venue and an enthusiastic fan swinging towel with name!


 And Anna Suzuki who made vivid program debut at 10 years old appears. What made 13 years old, and she who won annual throne of U-18 showed of Maki Oguro very much hit "and others, ra, ra." "And others ... of rust ♪ When she waves her hand in "from side to side, in the venue to one body! By upsurge that puts festivals to shame, stage of a U-18 best four king is finished in the summer.


 Meet four people who finished dignified stage performance, talk corner. It looked like Miki Shigeta of the part of progress could not hide surprise from adult-like Sasaki saying it was saying "it is 15 years old though it was confirmation".

 And Takeshi Tsuruno who is adult team, green Chiga, RiRiKA come up successively. The center much-talked-about in this is Sasaki.

"Are you not doing love yet? It is unpredictable (string)

"We are not doing" (Sasaki)

 After having swelled by talk like stage of song, U-18 member appears again. What moat chosen in lottery from Ayaka Sakuma who became top 7 at the youngest, Ryuichi Tsunoda who kicks out high score without exercise, three and King best four of most timid song horse singer, Ryusei Nishioka challenges "business trip! Straight karaoke ★ battle.

 Nishioka of character timid what provoked laughter of venue while each member talks about enthusiasm powerfully. As for having cramped for way of hetare unintentionally

We advise saying "you write as person three times, and swallow!". Then Nishioka was one's own pace till the last saying "give wed". However, previous timid character shows stage such as lie only when we begin to sing "bud" of Kobukuro. A lot of girls admiring this gap?


 Tsunoda challenges "straight karaoke ★ battle" in "even if" of Ken Hirai. The audience seemed to completely get drunk on an adult-like view of the world who sang song in a loud voice without sense of incongruity that word such as "bourbon" "Cassis and Soda" came out to, too.


"Cassis and Soda cannot swallow up bourbon too yet, too (laugh). It kept on admiring that we had cramped saying what will happen if we became able to drink.

 The youngest Sakuma selects quiet number called "tears of magnolia" of stardust review. Although being small as declared, "is not tense!"; powerful performance.


"It is always powerful, and pitch is accurate, too. RiRiKA which we intend to study and saw aims at championship by singing voice of great great admiration!

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