yojigoji Days

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Lineup from 1/15
  • Monday
    January 15
    jun* goes! Is heat ... now; hot spring & supermarket public bath

    Super public bath idol "jun*" introduces pro-evolution hot spring and supermarket public bath to be able to enjoy in a day where are full of wonderful points! Super public bath which conveyor belt sushi can eat comes up from open-air bath full of taste!

  • Tuesday
    January 16
    We take a walk through town of quiz king and Ikebukuro

    Boxing world champion combination of Yoko Gushiken and Daisuke Naito challenges quiz again! Funny journey around hamburg restaurant this time exquisite in town of Ikebukuro for contact with animal and popular spot?

  • Wednesday
    January 17
    Hokkaido food fair & food stores in the department store basement gourmet of fascination

    It circulates through quite popular "Hokkaido food fair" held in department store with buyer. Hokkaido gourmet of fascination including product exhibition-limited product appears one after another! Furthermore, we enjoy full-course meal of food stores in the department store basement gourmet!

  • Thursday
    January 18
    We live in discount! Skill in eye-opening saving

    Invisible Japanese economy of the future…We keep family finance of my home by oneself for life with a space! Therefore we released very much skill in trick & saving of the family budget that professional tells! We introduce at-home work to be able to easily earn!

  • Friday
    January 19
    It is made a tour of deep-discount spots now in popular Ueno

    We go round deep-discount spots of Ueno to be able to enjoy for 6000 yen for 2 people. Advantageous information such as sweets, clothing is varied for unrivaled article gourmet! Furthermore, we introduce much-talked-about Ueno latest spot.

Program introduction

We introduce ingredients and dishes which are useful for popular spot, menu of "advantageous information" and rumor to want to know now that came from life! We perform broadcast from seasonal place, place with the seasonal material.

  • Monday
    Hidehiko Ishizuka
  • Tuesday
    Yusuke Kamiji
  • Wednesday
    Hiroshi Nagano
  • Thursday
    Hirohide Yakumaru
  • Friday
    Kotaro Koizumi
Bamboo Yuka Saki (TV TOKYO announcer)