yojigoji Days

From Monday to Friday 3:40 p.m. - broadcast

Lineup from 11/20
  • Monday
    November 20
    We adhere to sugo gi of central figure of Hato Bus & Atami-shi

    To get the first place by 30 selections of excellent sightseeing buses is bus tour; popular Hato Bus. What is sugo gi of bus guide supporting popularity? In addition, we adhered to the sharp staff who made Atami-shi popular sightseeing spot!

  • Tuesday
    November 21
    We adhere to "the skill of takumi" of craftsman!

    Nagai University hurls themselves at craftsman with "the skill of takumi", and they collect data on! We adhere to master craftsman dealing with craftsman making tool of Olympics medalist and beautiful gardening! We introduce surprising sugo gi of craftsman and feelings to work.

  • Wednesday
    November 22
    We love Japan! It is coherence SP on dining table of foreigner

    We came to Japan 7 years ago and adhere to dining table of beautiful woman wife from France. Wife attracted by soybean shows exquisite collaboration with mother country dish. Mifune is surprised at the taste, too! The leading role of meal king is Chinese cabbage.

  • Thursday
    November 23
    3:00 p.m. 55:00 ...
    Coherence! Winter clothes of Tobudobutsukoemmae

    Ayaka Umeda devotes its life to winter clothes beginning with the winter arrival close at hand at zoo and adheres and reports! We released very much backstage of zoo which we cannot usually see including cold measures and event preparations of animals!

  • Friday
    November 24
    We adhere to person working in Kanto first-rate hot spring resort!

    We adhere to person working in "Kusatsu Onsen" more than 3 million number of the annual visitors and report! Highlight full loading including description of strenuous efforts of the new face master of consideration of the master whom we felt to be well-established inn and inn for open one year. Guest is Nishikino Dan.

Program introduction

We introduce ingredients and dish helping popular spot, menu of "advantageous information" and rumor to want to know now that came from life! We perform broadcast from seasonal place, place with the seasonal material.

  • Monday
    Hidehiko Ishizuka
  • Tuesday
    Yusuke Kamiji
  • Wednesday
    Hiroshi Nagano
  • Thursday
    Hirohide Yakumaru
  • Friday
    Kotaro Koizumi
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