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Lineup from 9/25
  • Monday
    September 25
    Unrivaled article! Attendant championship of rice

    What is attendant of rice which the best rice granary in Japan, the U.S. farming family of Uonuma-shi, Niigata tell? Furthermore, we hold meal thief tour to rotate in Tokyo! It is ginger-flavored fried foods to Saikyoyaki…MC Ishizuka is the best recommended! Attendant of rice is introduced, too!

  • Tuesday
    September 26
    We hurl ourselves by visiting Shinagawa and experience

    Nagai University and Isoyama shell go round spots that can have a valuable experience in town of Shinagawa. In aquarium dolphin and contact, tile percent dojo studio or design industrial arts experience…We introduce charm of Shinagawa to be able to enjoy on 1st!

  • Wednesday
    September 27
    The pork bones ramen 80th anniversary! Pro-evolution in Tokyo ramen

    Hard horse ramen including Nagahama ramen of Tokyo first to go out shop, new sense ramen which we hung for development for ten years is appearance to Kurume ramen called origin of pork bones ramen which reached the birth 80th anniversary this year one after another!

  • Thursday
    September 28
    We enjoy autumn! Healthy mountain climbing & mountain hut is gourmet

    Mountain climbing to enjoy autumn. To Kita-yatsugatake which it is most suitable for beginner, and mountain trail is gentle, and can enjoy scenery of forest this time. Exquisite gourmet of menu surprising in former mountain hut which climbed mountain and bath which heals fatigue!

  • Friday
    September 29
    Biggest in Japan grade! Saitama, drawstring purse field cluster amaryllis Festival

    To drawstring purse field cluster amaryllis Festival of Saitama where cluster amaryllis largest in Japan is in full glory! Furthermore, at neighboring recommended spots including experience in ranch and soy sauce factory, exquisite gourmet only in hometown introduces, too.

Program introduction

We introduce ingredients and dish helping popular spot, menu of "advantageous information" and rumor to want to know now that came from life! We perform broadcast from seasonal place, place with the seasonal material.

  • Monday
    Hidehiko Ishizuka
  • Tuesday
    Yusuke Kamiji
  • Wednesday
    Hiroshi Nagano
  • Thursday
    Hirohide Yakumaru
  • Friday
    Kotaro Koizumi
Miho Ohashi (TV TOKYO announcer)
It is passed the baton by Ohashi announcer!
Successor Yuka Takezaki (TV TOKYO announcer)!
Yuka Takezaki (TV TOKYO announcer) was decided to karanoyojigoji Days, successor of Ohashi hole in October.
We have appeared in yojigoji Days as reporter, but we become announcer and are master of ceremonies of the first across-the-board program. Please expect for the fresh progress!