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Lineup from 3/26
  • Monday
    March 26
    It is the Shinkansen to airplane! We adhere to popular trip gourmet

    We adhere before popular trip gourmet can do it by airplane & Shinkansen ahead of the season for outings. The development backside of gorgeous first-class inflight meal. Furthermore, as for the longtime seller "boiled pot rice of mountain pass" birth secret story to last 60 years.

  • Tuesday
    March 27
    We adhere to Yoko Gushiken!

    Even program adheres on day of familiar Yoko Gushiken. As for the private properties which are surprising for walk with pet dog? We approach the first page as boxing trainer which raised invisible world champion on TV!

  • Wednesday
    March 28
    Taste to cause spring! We adhere to whitebait fisherman

    Spring taste, whitebait fishing lift the ban! Therefore we adhere to family fishing whitebait in Chigasaki. Description of strenuous efforts of family running processing ground, restaurant to tell whitebait fisherman about. With thought that mother and son of the fourth generation hid…

  • Thursday
    March 29
    Coherence! No. 1 animal hospital which professional detects

    Per day complete coherence of animal hospital chosen as the top among veterinarians as "animal hospital to trust". We approach in on-site feelings to save modern facilities and medical examination power to let you feel medical evolution, holy life!

  • Friday
    March 30
    We adhere to Sumida River cherry blossom viewing pleasure boat feeling spring

    While thoroughly enjoying cherry tree in box to be able to taste only in pleasure boat, is eating a food with great relish for dainty food of The air is full of spring. Pleasure boat that spring in Japan is keenly aware of. We adhere to the staff supporting pleasure boat reaching full-scale cherry blossom viewing season!

Program introduction

We introduce ingredients and dishes which are useful for popular spot, menu of "advantageous information" and rumor to want to know now that came from life! We perform broadcast from seasonal place, place with the seasonal material.

  • Monday
    Hidehiko Ishizuka
  • Tuesday
    Yusuke Kamiji
  • Wednesday
    Hiroshi Nagano
  • Thursday
    Hirohide Yakumaru
  • Friday
    Kotaro Koizumi
Bamboo Yuka Saki (TV TOKYO announcer)