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Lineup from 7/16
It is broadcast of ... at 3:55 p.m. on Monday, July 16.
  • Monday
    July 16
    Living is comfortable by vital energy up official approval of midsummer!

    Vital energy up official approval to be helpful in summer! Professional of the way including trick to make shredded omelet of cold Chinese noodles from operation to easily cool drink in outdoor initiates. We multiply in summer! The tick extermination method comes up, too!

  • Tuesday
    July 17
    Cute dog & cat comes up one after another! Are you which group?

    Japanese midget Shiba is still popular among cat booms to continue! Do you like dog? Do you like cat? We feature cute dog & cat very much! Do you want to keep, too? King of beasts, So Takei is kyun unintentionally at dog and cat experience-based spot, too!

  • Wednesday
    July 18
    Ultimate choice! Which is true popular gourmet?

    Being a lot popular this summer? Hibiya Matsumotorou "stylish curry" "omelette rice" ▽ RINGER HUT "Champon" "Sara-udon" ▽ Asakusa Umezono "ice Uji Matcha" "cream white ball anmitsu"

  • Thursday
    July 19
    We survive summer! 2 *shinjoshiki of health

    "Recipe of callus that is effective for the summer lethargy prevention" "Right actions to be taken when we were bitten by bee" This season intellect including emergency measure in summer lethargy measures and leisure is one action grand duke open for common sense health that we want to put newly!

  • Friday
    July 20
    Which is it if we go on the weekend? Ibaraki VS Tochigi

    Which is it if we go this time on “ Ibaraki VS Tochigi, the weekend in ultimate choice week? We confront "Ibaraki in local "recreation" that Tochigi is proud of "gourmet" "superb view"! Which is it to win?

Program introduction

We introduce ingredients and dishes which are useful for popular spot, menu of "advantageous information" and rumor to want to know now that came from life! We perform broadcast from seasonal place, place with the seasonal material.

  • Monday
    Hidehiko Ishizuka
  • Tuesday
    Yusuke Kamiji
  • Wednesday
    Hiroshi Nagano
  • Thursday
    Hirohide Yakumaru
  • Friday
    Kotaro Koizumi
Bamboo Yuka Saki (TV TOKYO announcer)