Father 10 who works in the world
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Japanese fathers who take up a job leaving his family behind abroad, and work. As for returning home being surprised to try to be growth of children between absence a few times a year often…. Visit secretly local in such fathers doing their best abroad children!
This visit meeting the tenth is New Zealand, Italy, Cambodia, India. Figure that a series of throbs and father seeing for the first time work as for the distance of trip….
Adventure of spring vacation of children begins.


MC  :  Takahiro Azuma (Take2)
Assistant MC  :  Kanako Momota (Momoiro Clover Z)
Guest  :  Kazuo Tokumitsu, Iyo Matsumoto
Narrator  :  Tomoyo Harada, Hiroyuki Amano (chi - n)


* New Zealand
Group which runs restaurant around Kurume-shi, Fukuoka, and unfolds makes a foray into New Zealand abroad. Specialist of meal that we dealt with father (41) which acted as manager at store of Oakland from high-quality Kaiseki to casual Class B gourmet widely. After having passed through well-established hotel and chef experience in restaurant, in restaurant of 13 stores, technical guidance and unification chef of young cook have been left. Going to meet such father the second daughter (second grader) of the eldest daughter (fourth grader) and tomboy of person of steady. Powerful sisters run through New Zealand! We want to create portrait of father who has not described yet in two people if we can meet favorite father….

* Italy
Father (44) working in general chemical company developing business in 26 countries and areas of the world is starting for the new post in Italy from 2012. We take role of technical adviser and do our best mainly. Father who treats family to home cooking by all means when we come back to Japan. As for the one side that we are easily moved to tears though the eldest son of sixth grader who helped it is good at mouth, and he is person easily elated by praise or flattery and show tears when it comes to father immediately. The eldest son who loved cheese flashed by going to Italy! We make use of authentic mozzarella cheese, and we make dishes which father always cooks, and let's repay kindness…!

* India
Precision equipment maker where company where father (46) acts on is proud of the world share fourth place with bearing (bearing). In production base, Chennai established in 2012, we are doing quality control of production product. The eldest daughter of fifth grader weeps bitterly at father to hear taking up job leaving his family behind of father very much unintentionally stickily since it was small. Though it is slightly early, for birthday present to father, we make handmade lucky charm with handicrafts of pride…!

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Father 10 who works in the world
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Father 10 who works in the world
Father 10 who works in the world
Father 10 who works in the world
Father 10 who works in the world
Father 10 who works in the world
Father 10 who works in the world
Father 10 who works in the world