Broadcast was finished. Thank you for your seeing and hearing! It becomes new program from Saturday, September 11.

Aim! CD makes its debut how if we can achieve 100,000 downloading - admirability, 100,000 downloading in two sets! We are delivering the original piece of music of two sets of units which came out of program! ...
Unfortunately 100,000 downloading was not able to be accomplished. Thank you for your much application.
  • Yusuke Inoue, Mayuko Noguchi

    Unit name: "Marr of Day of the legend with fan"
    Title of a musical composition: Get out when heavy
    Words: Yusuke Inoue, Mayuko Noguchi / composition: In Inoue fan pairing with NON STYLE Inoue by Yusuke
    Inoue program plan, and making music!
    We want to pair with Inoue! It is decided to Mayuko Noguchi from a large number of application called this by audition! Unprecedented pair was born!

  • Masuda Hiro child, Akira Ishida

    Unit name: "Masuda Hiro child with Akira Ishida"
    Title of a musical composition: Don my tsu !! !
    Words: Masuda Hiro child / composition: Wakata part truth / arrangement: Idol Masuda Hiro child of Shuichi
    Sakamoto welcome TV arranges original song aiming at CD debut!
    "It is Don my tsu !! support song that NON STILE Ishida joins chorus and revised !" We aim at 100,000 downloading in this!

We are raising now
  • Child size recruitment of entertainers of woman becoming swimsuit at home!
  • It recruits pretty girls wanting to become idol very much!
  • It is raised work very much by idol whom welcome TV has found!

We start Ameba "rhythmic" official blog! We can access from mobile phone

Search by Ameba entertainer, celebrity blog in "rhythmic"!
We look forward to warm support comment from everybody!

Official blog looks at this "rhytmic" blog (outside site)

New face idol profile
California Komachi
California Komachi
Yuiko Matsukawa
Yu Matsukawa Yoriko
Wide village beauty tsu Minoru
Mitsumi Hiromura
Sato Azusa
Sato Azusa
Masuda Hiro child
Masuda Hiro child
 Masuda is urgent notice Ustream lying down and checks hamasudachanno blog in nomasudachanneru broadcast time on live broadcasting, the next time!
We see more
Recruitment of question University to welcome idol!

☆Welcome TV recruits questions to your welcome idol very much!
"Group exercises plan offer of Cali top!"
We are raising group exercises plan to want Cali frame to be open!
We raise world famous places wanting you to do it!
... such as Buddh Gaya of India, Egyptian pyramid
"Who is leader of dance & vocal?" "How much as for the grip of Yu Matsukawa Yoriko"
"Who is person who is the best at painting in California Komachi?" nadonado ...
Based on the question, idols actually inspect!
We update their small profiles!
Of idols if may be interested, please send more and more!