Wakako liquor Season3
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Gourmet comics that inborn 26-year-old female office worker, Murasaki Wakako wanders over "tongue of drinker" with "Wakako liquor" this evening for place to stay and thoroughly enjoys "woman alone liquor." Total circulations of comics exceed 1,500,000 copies among serialization in "monthly comics Zenon" from 2011. "Wakako liquor" for Korea is produced in TV broadcasting and foreign countries of short animation, and it is the comics original attracting attention most now other than TV drama "Wakako liquor Season1" in 2015. In addition, as for the expression of admiration called "pushu ..." which Wakako shows at moment of supreme bliss that big support gathers to character of main character in comics and book, TV drama which featured the theme of a certain "meal" a lot conspicuously, and <liquor> and affinity of <delicious dish> were just put together with, is greatest; become attractive. Gourmet drama attracting attention most in now to provoke meal and earnest desire to liquor enters into new series!


26 years old that Murasaki Wakako loves liquor and dishes above all. In shop which we found accidentally, we show courage, and one step is heavy drinker girl setting foot. We enjoy pleasure of alone bookmaking in bar while Wakako using thought in event in the workplace, and listening to conversation of other visitors. Friend and co-worker of company, general and others of favorite shop "aigaku", people of the circumference who hit eating a food with great relish to dishes and liquor which we sometimes selected as this, and enjoy in a relaxed mood sometimes seasonal dishes and liquor, and watch acquaintance with liquor of - such Wakako kindly. "pushu" and sigh leak from her entrance where moment, whole body which liquor and dishes were just put together with were wrapped in elation unintentionally. It is Wakako, moment of supreme bliss.

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Wakako liquor Season3

Production: 2017 "Wakako liquor 3" production Committee
The original: shinkyusenutsuri "Wakako liquor" (monthly comics Zenon / north Stars pictures)
© shinkyusenutsuri /NSP 2011 ©2017 "Wakako liquor 3" production Committee