About the acquisition of "seeing and hearing log"

We transmit as "seeing and hearing log" and, in TV TOKYO, acquire the seeing and hearing situation of program in TV receiver using Internet connection function.
    "Seeing and hearing log,"
    ・ Information to distinguish TV receiver
    ・ IP address
    ・ Channel information (only as for the information of TV TOKYO) that we are watching
    ・ Zip code which was set to TV receiver
    ・ Time information (only as for the information of TV TOKYO) of program watching
    We do not acquire nadodeari, personal information (information to identify individuals of the name, address, phone number, e-mail address). In addition, we may not use to identify individual.
Seeing and hearing log that we acquired shares with Group Companies for examination, conduct of service and advertisement delivery that utilized broadcast service improvement, system improvement, seeing and hearing log and uses. In addition, we share with necessary outside company (partner, advertising agency, advertisement delivery supplier) after having prohibited act to identify individual and may contribute to the outside company concerned.
    ※Program (the point of 2018.11.5) which is targeted for the "seeing and hearing log" transmission, the acquisition
    ・ MORNING SATELLITE NEWS (from Monday to Friday: at 5:45 ...)
    ・ World business satellite (from Monday to Friday: at 23:00 ...)
    ・ Future century Zipangu (wed: at 22:00 ...)
    ・ Sunday Golden Ikegami world (day and night)
    ・ So that YOU does what; to Japan? (mon: at 18:55 ...)
    ・ Drama Biz harassment game (mon: at 22:00 ...)
    ・ Charge! Happy purchase corps (thu: at 18:55 ...)
    ・ AD- TOWN RANKING MAGAZINE: (sat: at 21:00 ...)
    ・ Complicated SUMMERS 2 (sun: at 18:30 ...)
When we do not hope for the transmission of "seeing and hearing log", we can stop the transmission of seeing and hearing log by setting "we do not transmit" from data broadcasting screen. In addition, we can restart the transmission of seeing and hearing log after having stopped by setting "we transmit" from data broadcasting screen.

It is button about the data broadcasting menu "seeing and hearing log"

"Seeing and hearing log transmission setting choice" screen
We do not influence the seeing and hearing of program without being concerned to bend transmitting / of "seeing and hearing log".
April 1, 2018 notice
November 5, 2018 revision