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Rainout nine shooting spot report (outside site) of plan in Europe is this

ogiyahagi X is X Europe plan unique loss of strength SF system indoor situation comedy to send with three sets as noodles, too!

It continues to rain for some reason recently in the world.

We do not understand cause well.
It is plot of some country or is anger of God, or various things are said.

Anyway, it continues to rain in the world for these past several years.

Some wealthy people live in dome city and protect ourselves from rain.
And many other citizens spend some indoor gachini as before while being caught in the rain.

We said this, and there was not serious inconvenience, but their dissatisfaction was not to be able to play baseball alone…

Although we gather first of all in gathering place, baseball is not done for these past several years.
Play catch properly in the room, and do wall expectation, and go to batting center, and guraino days.
We cost vast fri to borrow ground of dome town.
Rival team is dissolved more and more, too, and light of amateur baseball itself is about to disappear.

- which had fun of "indoor play" while their gathering without what to do in such situation first of all at every holiday, and hearing sound of rain.

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