It is lie? Life of a great man that "old days" understand from history "now"
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Military commander dictionaries for children who tour around the historical ground related to person wins popularity, and can enjoy even if adult reads are published much these days, record-breaking history boom!
"Boss having a strong consciousness too" "problems of couple" that "subordinate does not come"….
Because trouble and interest of person did not still change in old days either, in place of business, it increased from history to get lesson.
By program, modern people read the history from curious keyword and it is easy to understand the unknown real face and episode of great men in pop drama form and introduces!

Performer comment

<Shinobu Sakagami>
We received introduction called "three people who do not know a lot about the history", but I and Mitsu Dan only said, "we do not know a lot very much" humbly, and detailed one is really only YOU in the history (laugh).
As it was told to be, "it is secure not to do the best so much" before collecting by the staff, we took seriously and did not really try hard that much (laugh). It is fun and is comfortable (laugh). Three of us (Shinobu Sakagami, YOU, Mitsu Dan) have common point called "TV Tokyo fetishism". We fully enjoyed feeling of 〝 TV Tokyo 〟 today.

We finished live broadcasting of other stations with Sakagami and came for TV TOKYO today.
Talk of sumo circles continues recently…Story of sumo circles says the history….
In one day with lenience and severity, we were able to enjoy very much very much.
It is thank for producer in TV Tokyo and Kudo.

<Mitsu Dan>
It was background and knew, "person who tried hard so ached" in the time while looking at VTR to introduce one historical great man alone to, and "there are many slightly different people" thought thing to be, "any this, variety show-like". We were able to indulge in feeling that watched program between tea. We were glad that we could appear on program to be relieved at. And indeed it is said that we are surprised at age of Mr. Yabe finally…Right? (laugh). This already concerning fun on seeing program (laugh).

<Kentaro Yabe (Kokugakuin University's professor historian)>
It was relationship that child of producer Kudo was reading book which I supervised and received inquiry about the history. As for me, Sakagami, YOU, Mitsu Dan always watched program appeared on happily and should be able to observe collecting, too…We thought, but are to appear on degree if we notice (laugh). Knowledge that was new as so detailed increased, and thing except own specialized field was tense even if we said historian, but spent time when it was stimulating and was wonderful.

■First Japanese 〝 black samurai 〟 Yasuke which Nobunaga Oda made vassal. Of Yasuke in "Honnoji Incident" what is mission?
■What is skill in revenge of itofusaimushiro々 () letting ancestor gesu immorality man, Hideyoshi Toyotomi astonish?
■Monster boss care course of Ranmaru Mori throwing down the 〝 world's best black boss 〟 Nobunaga
■It is right Edo nomikusu! Hooligan general is ... in transcendence beautiful women? Cancellation deficit by surprising reform!
■"We have a strong consciousness too" [one-eyed hero], and Masamune Date spearmanship is over, and it is lie? Case book
■Let "doh narrow-minded general" Ieyasu Tokugawa say gyafun! Exciting revenge drama of vassal

Masamune Date edition

  • Masamune Date: Shingo Fujimori (ORIENTAL RADIO)
  • Vassal: Kazuya Shimasa (New York), okushiki*matsurigoto (New York)
  • Masamune Date: Shingo Fujimori (ORIENTAL RADIO)
  • Masamune Date: Shingo Fujimori (ORIENTAL RADIO)
  • Masamune Date: Shingo Fujimori (ORIENTAL RADIO)
Shingo Fujimori (ORIENTAL RADIO) comment
We could know new one side of Masamune Date and were studied. We are anxious whether you do not get yelled at toward Masamune fan…. Common point with Masamune Date is particular about meal and beauty. Point called frivolous man is same, too (laugh). As it is wonderful program which can learn the history with a laugh, I want to see toward a lot of right or wrong.

Nobunaga Oda and Ranmaru Mori edition

  • Ranmaru Mori: Star wave (sena) (the hoopers)
  • Nobunaga Oda and Ranmaru Mori

Nobunaga Oda and black samurai, Yasuke

  • Nobunaga Oda: Yoshiyuki Tsubokura (my home)
  • Yasuke: janyu useinu
  • Honnoji Incident
  • Nobunaga Oda: Yoshiyuki Tsubokura (my home)
  • Nobunaga Oda: Yoshiyuki Tsubokura (my home)
  • Nobunaga Oda: Yoshiyuki Tsubokura (my home)
Yoshiyuki Tsubokura (my home) comment
When we read script, we right thought, "it is lie". Anyway, behavior of Nobunaga vanishes in absurdity too much…. Therefore we were going to do play that we rejected. We played and were very fun. Is common point with me place that is show-off? As for me, oneself has no confidence, and he minds eyes of the circumference, and it becomes half-done, but Nobunaga finishes only doing. We finish doing thoroughly without modelling having wanted to do it, thing that we thought to be interesting on eyes of the circumference. Though it is absurdity, it is slightly very attractive. We have a crush on such a person. Place that has, anyway, you enjoy even person weak in child and the history clearly in the highlight. Person liking the history thinks a lot of what great men did not know to become known.

Hideyoshi Toyotomi and wife one

  • Hideyoshi Toyotomi: Masanori Ishii
  • Wife, one of Hideyoshi: Miwako Kakei
  • Flirtation of Hideyoshi

Inner palace edition

  • Yoshimune Tokugawa: Jun Toba
  • Court lady: Kyoko Toyama
  • Inner palace maid: Miho Kimura (Asagaya sisters), Eriko Watanabe (Asagaya sisters)

Ieyasu Tokugawa edition

  • Ieyasu Tokugawa: Toshiaki Kasuga (Audrey)
  • Tadanari Aoyama: Ryuji Harada
  • Vassal: Kojiro Ueda (Hi-Hi), Kazunori Iwasaki (Hi-Hi)
Ryuji Harada comment
We were surprised at episode of "Tokyo ◯◯" and have admired the hidden reason for Ieyasu of Tadanari Aoyama whom I played. However, the evil-mindedness intended to be careful not to become unpleasant on playing. Common point with oneself…We can understand mind to dampen strong kio very much. Is the highlight of program not place studded with comedy essence in speedy development everywhere while catching historical fact well without derailing loudly?


Studio guest

Shinobu Sakagami, YOU, Mitsu Dan, Kentaro Yabe (Kokugakuin University's professor), Yuka Aiuchi (TV TOKYO announcer)


It is lie? Life of a great man that "old days" understand from history "now"

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