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Let envy; two sections of sightseeing

Urayama City pushing forward town planning for New York of North Kanto. However, it becomes problem to lack in attractive tourist attractions. We collect information from local people and look for enviable human resources, interesting spot!

Staff of two sections of sightseeing in Urayama city
  • Chief: Takushi Tanaka (Ann girls)
  • Section manager: Eiko Kano
  • The staff: Yu Sawabe (haraichi)
  • Takushi Tanaka (Ann girls)
  • Eiko Kano
  • Yu Sawabe (haraichi)
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Around Yamanashi Mount Fuji

Municipal emblem
Mt. back municipal emblem
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Aim! Two sections of sightseeing in New York of North Kanto looks for minor local city nourayamashii - point

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Mt. last back point


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It is Forest adventure wisteria, fujiten resort that three people inspected this time

6/29 broadcast (around Mount Fuji inspection)

We look at Mt. back point

Urayama city newspaper

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Urayama city newspaper extra
Urayama city newspaper extra

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We are raising information around Kanto!

The urgent recruitment back and better information offer

We raise information around Kanto wanting inspection to come for two sections of sightseeing very much! Please put information to want to introduce by all means becoming envious such as people with place where you do not appear in guidebook, strange house, great special ability, hobby.

Recruitment of apology information reception desk cancellation!

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  • Eiko KanoTakushi Tanaka (Ann girls)Yu Sawabe (haraichi)