You must solve "mystery" given every time so that they escape… Will you come loose before "mystery" is revealed for "one week" on deadline?…

DVD release decision! 2013.12.27 ON SALE shosaihakochira→→→

This mystery (9/28 OA)

We demand hint
Untie the "mystery" that only one has person who "cannot escape" in five people. If mystery is removed, please click. Correct answer person is given access privileges to "privilege picture". chihayano room Room of Makoto Room of Ayaka Room of Mai Future room
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  • We read hint
The answer remaining time(October 5, 2013 24:50) 201310060050
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Mysterious commentary

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Episode 11 (9/28 OA)

Video being seen only as for two weeks

We see mysterious commentary
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  • 10/25 DVD release decision!
    DVD release of "real escape game secret room beautiful girl" who made "rial escape game" that became global entertainment the first serial drama was decided now! The details are few days announcement. Don't miss it!
  • We present 10/2 "Sunday that is dark with madam marmalade" (Kodansha) to five people (finished)
  • "We should be able to untie you" and answer, and 9/29 secret room beautiful girl [the last inning] starts!
    ※There was mistake to mystery image of Makoto in program. You confirm mystery image of HP, and please answer. I'm very sorry.
  • We released mystery of 9/29 Episode 11!
  • Last soup stock is delivering beginning scene of 7/12 Episode 1 with YouTube formula channel!
  • Site of 7/12 [real escape game secret room beautiful girl] opened!
Formal YouTube channel Real escape game filmization decision! Friday, October 25 exhibition