Of TV Tokyo shine, and "shine, and is it not said meal" with meal - entertainer? ...

Monday- Thursday late at night 1:30 middle of the night of Friday 1:53 broadcast

Of TV Tokyo shine, and what is meal?

"It shined, and meal" came over to TV TOKYO popular program of "LINE LIVE" noon! While entertainer and the public of the first meeting pick up midnight snack each other, we make unpredictable talk Totally new talk variety like "TV TOKYO" is born!

Program plan like new "TV Tokyo" begins on Monday, October 3 in late-night frame for from Monday to Friday of TV TOKYO! As for the name "shine meal of TV Tokyo." Is town; "shall eat rice with entertainer?" It is = talk variety that we cannot predict "to let you do, and to do meal" that the public called out to in this eats rice in entertainer and sashi.

"We let you do, and meal" starts in invisible state each other's faces without being informed of at all beforehand what kind of entertainer and rice general person participating in collecting eats. Besides, two to appear on being seen with each other's faces only as for the program end game. In other words, we develop talk of reaching for each other in the dark while imagining partner from voice each other while being next to each other, and picking at midnight snack.

When it was in a situation that we eat rice with one to one with entertainer overnight, on earth what kind of reaction do people do? And, by talk with general first meeting, what kind of one side does entertainer show?…? In development of throb without script developed with delicious midnight snack, please expect!
Furthermore, delivery raw by talk with design and entertainer and public of location to call out to toward the public in every time "LINE LIVE" (line live)! Please pay attention including this.

LINELIVE program summary

1 "sashimeshibito" search party! It is "it shines meal" ... in ... entertainer and TV Tokyo

The delivery date and time: Around the midday of every Sunday

※There is possibility to be changed on the delivery date and time

Correspondents negotiate program appearance with reporter toward the public in every week and a certain town! "It shines, and "do you not make meal" with entertainer?" We deliver design of location to call out to in this live. If location visits performed place during delivery, can you get entertainer and chance when "let do, and it is possible for meal", too; ...?

2 Throb! "It shined and made meal" in entertainer and TV Tokyo!

The delivery date and time: Every Monday around 8:00 p.m.

※There is possibility to be changed on the delivery date and time

"It shines, and "it shines, and is it not said meal" with meal - entertainer of TV Tokyo? Delivery raw by throb talk with entertainer who finished TV collecting of ... and public called out to at location. We send the unpredictable exchanges of nice to meet you to never listen to in normal chat show with entertainer and general everybody. Chance when we can ask entertainer a question directly because people looking at delivery send comment and heart (good) than "LINE LIVE" application!

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It is abundant user base and high active rate, live streaming platform utilized structure of push notice function having 62 million in mon interval active user several countries to hold of communication application "LINE".
We notify of program start by push through official account of "LINE" and can watch picture, program of live streaming form on "LINE LIVE" application and "LINE" application free regardless of place to stay. Live streaming to general user is thrown open in August, 2016, and audience sends "comment" and "heart" for person of delivery, and person of delivery meets it and brings about new seeing and hearing experience to enjoy communication between audiences let alone person of delivery with audience by high delivery of real time.

Seeing and hearing method by LINE LIVE application

We make "comment" and send "heart" to person of delivery and can participate when we watch by LINE LIVE application. As comment from user watching together is displayed, we can talk between users.
We download "LIVE" application

Seeing and hearing method by LINE application

News comes by notice of push with broadcast launch of LIVE formula program when we perform "friend addition" of "LIVE" formula account.

Seeing and hearing method from PC

We can watch from this URL.