Early eating world's best deciding match!
Airdate: August 24
 Deciding match best among the hot dog speed eating world that is performed every year in Independence Day of the United States of America, and reaches the 85th in this year. Member of TV champion who developed many excellent games by gluttony, speed eating for big event that TV and newspaper of all the countries of the world take up the state is participation in a war. Boy, girl performs qualifier each and, other than Kazutoyo Arai of the best speed eating in Japan deciding match champion of last year, chooses player frame of two remainder one by one. Takako Akasaka, also known as "arumagedon" to eat which withdrew gluttonous retirement declaration to trialist or "wild beast" Misao Fujita who starved of the best last speed eating in Japan deciding match second place prepared face, and six developed fierce battle in total.
Round 1 
 "12 minutes steamed meat bun speed eating"
  Person who ate more steamed meat bun in 12 minutes in time limit advances to the final contest. Steamed meat bun that it is Yokohama Chinatown that players challenge, and 600 a day are sold of popularity. As for the specially made chukaman that ingredients are damaged not to shrink when it was sultry, meat juices overflow from the contents jam-packed closely. Start takes only one minute, and, as for four, a certain player eats up steamed meat bun that there is this volume. We bet chair of the representative from Japan last, and women clash with each other intensely.

Round 1 
 "12 minutes banana speed eating"
 Person who ate more banana in 12 minutes in time limit advances to the final contest.  Banana is from Ecuador. Only approximately 10% of market is sold in Japan, but sugar content is higher than other kinds and is considered to be high-quality article. A certain player eats up this sweet banana ten within three minutes. Fight that is high level is developed.

Round 2

 Three people of representative from Japan are proud of taste of New York and try out shops of volume pride. In shop of Italian cake, we challenge 30 centimeters in diameter, speed eating of cheesecake of 3 kilos in weight. We challenge all-you-can-eat record update for speed eating of grip which is one size bigger than Japan in shop of barbecue at sushi bar.

The final

  Venue of the final contest shop "Nathan's" of hot dog origin in Coney Island of New York. The U.K., Germany, Canada, players from Japan compete with representative of qualifier held in various parts of the United States. As for the time limit, it is sufficient. Person who ate more hot dog which appeared in one dish by five becomes champion. Japanese players looking inferior for build among players to boast of champion, Steve Kiner and German representative of 192 centimeters tall, big body including Marcus suteinhofu to in the last time of 176 kilos in weight. In front of New Yorkers considering with eyes "can speed eating make into these, the truth?", gluttony soldier of TV champion shows way of eating to surprise of spectators.

Kazutoyo Arai