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mamore! Protect this extinction human being 2011 pleasant Japanese person and thing!

mamore! Extinction human being 2011

Japanese technique and culture repeat growth every day.
However, Homo sapiens and thing, culture that were ever all the rage behind the scenes in Japan are endangered.
Program, it to investigate pleasant endangered species thoroughly, and to protect
"mamore! Extinction human being!
"We are bad in short orchid Bontemps ... plain heteromorphic school uniform" this time
We chase survivors such as "vending machines of adult magazine"!
The there surprising actual situation!

Performer: Banana man
Asami Konno, Moeko Ueda (TV TOKYO announcer)



The Heisei era begins; is quarter of century without interval. It is already history in the times called Heisei.
Besides, mystery various in bubble burst, Heisei including confusion of politics.
George pot man of Yorkshire State University history department's professor (= Japan modern history specialty) investigates mystery (history of fashion, history of music, history of gay) of such Heisei era in viewpoint only by overseas researcher.

Performer: IKKO, Natsuki Okamoto, Rio

gi VS digital tool of hole deji - master

Hole deji

Analog and digital, it is, so to speak, ...
Hi-tech technique of wisdom and experience VS Heisei of Showa.
For example, "professional angler VS fishfinder" "expert taxi driver VS highest grade car navigation system" "first-class makeup artist VS digital photoprocessing."
We give analog digital both sides a ride to sumo ring of the same purpose and actually investigate which is great!
We know the human skill and are surprised at the highest digital technology!
Confrontation variety show which we have not yet seen!

Host: Tomonori Matsumaru (TV TOKYO announcer)
Guest: Takuro Morinaga, Bibiru Oki, Serina (SDN48) others

It is 4 top theories domino-style mechanism dissection variety indeed

It is 4 top theories indeed

"Mechanism of reason to chain" intervenes until we reach conclusion in theory to see through character and behavior pattern from casual actions of person.
Program to introduce such a new theory to by 4 top comics methods with mechanism to intervene

Main caster (only as for the voice): yoiko Yu Hamaguchi, Audrey Masayasu Wakabayashi