Attendant tele
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Let's see result from special site!

Special plan!

☆Ultimate question about Valentine's Day
Chocolate which we want to take good care of most
Is it favorite chocolate? Is it friend chocolate?

What 300 audiences who were in venue chose?

Result is this

Program summary

It is the first time in history! TV to be connected to friend, and to watch!
"Attendant tele"

Saturday, February 10, 2018 4:00 p.m. live broadcasting
TV TOKYO, BS Japan simulcast


With "attendant tele," "TV to be connected to friend, and to watch" is live program of concept!
"We would do what if we come to like person same as friend" "We can lend friend money to salmon roe" We hear ultimate question about such friendship that it is hard to hear from question that which "we can lend friend recorder" (recorder) is serious to thing which is not so simply because it is friend more and more.

Audiences participates with smartphone and, in answer to question, decides program original "definition of friend"!
Close degree "friend level" knows whether the choice accords with friend.

We have Hiroaki Iima of "Sanseido Japanese dictionary" editing committee come for program,
We think about definition of "friend" together and aim at publication of Japanese dictionary of definition that went out of program!

Furthermore, delivery simultaneous as for the plan that linked program on various video platforms on program and the same day!
Member of "superexpress" heaps up by bodily crash!


[MC] Plover
[progress] Miki Shigeta (TV TOKYO announcer)
[guest] Three michopa (Ikeda beauty A) + hometown friends (chipitan, katomika, swelling shark), Hiroaki Iima (Japanese dictionary editor), superexpress

Live streaming

... for attendant tele ... live streaming

Saturday, February 10 from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00

Quite popular group, superexpress publicizes program by live streaming before TV live broadcasting!
We jump out until bond between members and revelation story not to listen to on TV under the theme of "friend will be what"? Don't miss it!