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#66 coloring illustrator Mikiko Hayashi (we grow, and Miki comes)

#67 coloring illustrator Mikiko Hayashi

2007/7/6 broadcast

Mikiko Hayashi profile

It was born in Kyoto for 1,966 years
Father is Komao Hayashi of doll writer

"Clean wind blows"

"Shellfish laying upon" that was used for noble trousseau from the Heian era. In twin small clams, person representing the elegant world of The Tale of Genji is this artisan, coloring illustrator, Mikiko Hayashi. We learn the tradition law of painting that sense of beauty of Kyoto called "Yamato-e painting" produced by self-education and let the gorgeous world reappear.

Doll writer, Komao Hayashi of father preached mental attitude of craftsman by such words to daughter. "Come to be able to describe painting which old man such as crane which grew mustache described"…It seemed to be teaching of father not to have to hint age or sex in work. "We do not become woman, or it is not the Heisei era or otherwise thinks that it is hard to be readily possible for thing beautiful universally more than time. "

Thing which does not know what time of times you were able to do it in is the making of work to aim at of Hayashi. Hayashi who continues challenging the splendid world of Yamato-e painting which ancient people of the Tosa School including Mitsunobu Tosa, koki left all alone. When "you saw shellfish alignment, you think that painting is described in shellfish, or are you seen when there is over there that world of shellfish? When we saw painting, does clean wind blow in the person?…We want to do such work. "

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