World table tennis 2010

Program theme song

World table tennis 2009 program theme song decision!

Program theme song of world table tennis 2009 was decided. 
"Switch" of artist mihimaru GT proud of popularity to generation when theme song is wide.

After two people of mihimaru GT actually watched a game of all-Japan championship of table tennis
"We imaged a player who poured all energy into ball, and fought" 
As super positive song called this drifts in table tennis-related news and world table tennis-related program, please check! 

"Switch" by mihimaru GT

◆Point where we were particular about in producing this theme song "Switch"  


When when showed in game of Ai, can enter by "now and the word Shake Hands" in the lyrics from the-handshake-grip racket which grasped, “ Switch on...Small small dwarf who slept in body was up and wrote place of Na ha ha "for image that turned on positive switch of heart.


The speed of development that changed like game of table tennis reflected in musical piece. 
Actually, we think that it is the finish which does not lose sense of speed even if it takes in game. 

◆Impression when we met Ai for the first time


It was very pure, and smile was wonderful and was openhearted softly and but was impression that core had well. 
When it was all the time since I was small as Ai was existence that she could see only in TV as national sportster all the time when, actually, we met, it was sense that was mysterious when he/she spoke that we met with feeling that it was unbelievable and listened to our music.


Ai was very pure and was which posture that really loved table tennis was transmitted through very much. 
When we had the first listen to musical piece, which he/she was pleased very purely and made was person who seemed to let you think that what we made was really good. 
Because Ai listened to music of we mihimaru GT well this time, we sang theme song of world table tennis, but Ai who expected, and was waiting was considerably pressure by being. . . (laugh) 

◆Message to representative from Japan 


With quantity of exercise considerable each players and awful pressure think that rustled.
We hope that sweat and tears grow heartily and support! !! !


Thought on thinking that it is everybody who always fights in many games, but surely participating in game,
We think that it varies.
Of course we think that victory or defeat is important, but we observe various things and learn and are glad if we have you do own new discovery. We continue supporting in musical piece. Please enjoy.