OPENING THEME opening theme

SAKANAMON "beautiful girl of color of a flower" (Victor / Getting Better)




It is "SAKANAMON" and naming with wish to want to make music becoming "dish" of life of listening person. Motoki Fujimori (Vo/G), Mitsuharu Morino (B) who were active by current formation around Tokyo from 2009, and started, three pieces guitar rock band of Kodai Kimura (Dr). It becomes longtime seller with 2nd mini album "ephemeral thing nonfiction" which 1st mini album "floating gimmick" which we released in 2011 attracts public attention and released in smash hit, the next year. High pop melody that is toxic in the unique surreal lyrics world that begins to spin the Japanese dismantling and rebuilding repeatedly at will right person of "dish world". It is measure debut in full album "na" where we are accompanied by mysterious mascot character called "saka namon" and develop unique raivupafomansu and lift topic of young rock scene and are the first time December 5, 2012.

We read comment

We studied opening theme of drama for the first time this time!
We really think that you were able to entrust us of more unripe young fellow band to be in honor!
This "beautiful girl of color of a flower" is musical piece that we wrote happily while fighting against much expectation and pressure!
We made theme that mystery beautiful woman "Shizuru" who was main character of "dake to eat" solved trouble of people motif and featured the theme of "man that days were saved by beautiful girl".
If work becomes music that we can enjoy more, we are happy!
We look forward to the middle of the night of every Friday!

SAKANAMON Motoki Fujimori

ENDING THEME ending theme

Mariko Goto "sound of me" (DefSTAR RECORDS)


Mariko Goto

Mariko Goto

In July, 2012, solo makes its debut with album "299792458".
It is stage debut at same year "hedoigu and Ann glee inch".
We make silver screen debut by movie "pedal dance" released in this April and widen width of activity.

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Broadcast in TV-U Fukushima
It was decided!
"dake to eat" original sound truck delivery decision!
News of Episode 11 broadcast time change
"dake which mystery beautiful woman eats" video
We were released.
The puzzle game third
We were released.
Blu-ray &DVD information
We were released.
We released the puzzle game second!
We released "dake to eat" special contents.
We present single CD of ending theme! Application is this
We get "dake to eat" wall paper!
We released puzzle game.
Episode 1 delivers TV TOKYO free on demand and is decided!
Three original Sakumoto set of drama is presented by 20 people! Application is this
We deliver, and niconico LiVE determines every week! "dake which talks" of Mariko Goto (outside site)
The first guest is decided! Of this child, mono (holy kamattechan)
We released person introduction.
StoryMobileOn-demand informationWe released this.
MusicBroadcasting station informationThis
We were released.
Site opened!

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