Sylvanian Families mini-story



On the stage of natural full Silva near village and longed-for town where dream is filled with
With girl of chocolate rabbit gentle at heart, we did including walnut squirrel,
It is story that friends of a lot of spirit make an outstanding performance.
Being excited when with favorite family and friend,
Pleasant event is full, and every day is instant!
Do you not peep at daily life of friends of such Sylvanian Families?
Warm world feeling of Sylvanian Families is the same,
Unique appearance characters give love.


Girl of chocolate rabbit

Girl who loves to be bright, and to spend time happily together.
Birthday: October 3
Hobby: Describe painting

Boy of walnut squirrel

Boy who is vigorous, and loves thu flag.
Birthday: August 22
Special ability: Thu flag

Father of chocolate rabbit

Father who likes planning event of Silva near village.
Birthday: July 1
Hobby: Bake bread

Boy of bear

Boy who is glutton very much.
Birthday: December 25
Favorite thing: Snacks

Girl of silk cat

Girl who is quiet, and is apt to dream.
Birthday: April 29
With good soybean flour: Imagination, imagination

Girl of sima cat

Child of kappatsude sports bannouna woman.
Birthday: June 28
Hobby: Cycling

Girl of toy poodle

We are taught cake making by mother.
Birthday: May 5
Hobby: The making of beads accessories

Older sister of chocolate rabbit

Wonderful older sister who works in town.
Friend thought.
Birthday: November 29
Occupation: Dress designer

Older sister of toy poodle

We love sweets and talkative person.
Birthday: August 8
Occupation: Chocolatier

Older sister of silk cat

Gentle older sister.
Birthday: May 9
Occupation: Makeup artist


Shy person.
Skill of piano is the super best.
Birthday: June 18
Occupation: Pianist

The staff cast

The cast
Chocolate rabbit : Kind Atsumi Saki
Walnut squirrel : Furuki wish
Silk cat : Arisa Date
Toy poodle : Shiho Kawaragi
Bear : Shimoda Ray
Sima cat : Mountain village sound
Sima cat : Sumire Uesaka
Chocolate rabbit : Yu Serizawa
Father of chocolate rabbit : Kawashima profit love
Mother of chocolate rabbit : Kana Azumi
Father of bear : ukakishunari
Grandfather of chocolate rabbit : Kiyonobu Suzuki
Grandmother of chocolate rabbit : Nozomi Kobayashi is free
Older sister of chocolate rabbit : Suzuka Yunoki
Older sister of silk cat : Risa Mizuno
Older sister of toy poodle : Asami Yano
Father of Maple cat : Yu Wakabayashi
The narration : Ayumi Tsunematsu
The staff
Original / plan : EPOCH
Script : Moon in the water autumn
Supervision, CG director : Momoko Kamiya
Technical director : Takahiro Kono
Sound supervision : Isao Ito
OP, ED theme : suwabekku Kovalevsky
Producer : Kunitoshi Yamada
Production : SMDE
Production producer : Satoru Kawashima
Production total conduct : Michihiro Maeda