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Chihara Jr. says… Island that different time flows through. Island that can reset daily life. Island to be used to easily. Island where the earth is felt. And…Island that cannot stop laughing! It is Okinawa, Miyakojima! In that island where that youth was impressed deeply with, entertainers go ashore. And youth army corps which knew everything about island "eat!" "Play!" "We keep talking!" Superb view and Okinawa gourmet and mystery power… We send super pure laughter of warrior entertainers born from there.


  • Chihara Jr.
  • World nabeatsu
  • Kawamoto (deputy manager section manager)
  • Kazutoyo Koyabu
  • Sayuri Kokusho
  • Cedar Arisa
  • Taketo (B course)
  • Nakamoto (tsunakkan)

Highlight introduction

By ship to the offing! Beach lunch uninhabited to the real Dragon's Palace in fish which welcome we caught…Miyako style Mozuku somen & Umibudo gurukun bowl!

It is curry in Miyako? Youth recommended hard horse curry!

We enjoy mysterious power! It is member tear by visiting power spots!

We are impressed by coral group of beauty world level! It is canoe & snorkeling to blue cave