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Monday, July 16, 2018 24:13 - SPORTS watcher ▽ latest sports information!

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Yuka Takezaki (TV TOKYO announcer) tells on Monday.

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Naoki Matayoshi Bibiru Oki
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Naoki Matayoshi Bibiru Oki


Kiyoshi Nakahata Sergio Echigo Yutaka Akita
Baseball commentator Soccer commentator Soccer commentator
Kiyoshi Nakahata Sergio Echigo Yutaka Akita

Reina Washimi (TV TOKYO announcer)
Noriko Fukuda (TV TOKYO announcer)

MON Yuka Takezaki (TV TOKYO announcer)
TUE Shusuke Harada (TV TOKYO announcer)
WED Reina Washimi (TV TOKYO announcer)
THU Shohei Taguchi (TV TOKYO announcer)
FRI Noriko Fukuda (TV TOKYO announcer)

Program summary

Opportunities when topic of sports enlivens the world increase rapidly recently. We cut daily sports information like TV TOKYO by this program and tell by contents which adult can thoroughly enjoy. What is charm of sports? We think that it is "drama which real fresh-and-blood human being raises".

Athlete and person supporting think about what, and do they act?
What do you learn from failure?

We tell about miraculous super play of sports to cause simply because it is human being and funny scene, having been behind the impressive scene in special feature plan "Human watchers" in detail. We snuggle up to change of feelings of person and fully tell! It is totally new sports information program!

Special feature plan "Human watcher"
Long piece document. We adhere to super big game athlete or much-talked-about player & family supporting. We press strenuous efforts of people aiming at glory.

Sportcast on that day
We snuggle up to heart design of player who contributed to good play and victory.

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