Space news entertainment of unprecedented scale to send the latest information of space and beautiful picture to. Soichi Noguchi of JAXA astronaut acts as anchorperson from the spring of 2013 and sends the latest information only by active astronaut.

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Latest space infotainment "space news" broadcasting from 9:54 to stop by in series of TV TOKYO every Thursday anchorperson: Soichi Noguchi

Space news # 124

We adhere to public viewing of epsilon launching in Uchinoura. However...!?


It is the gallery of photograph of the beautiful earth which we photograph from the International Space Station, and Astronaut Noguchi uploaded in Twitter. Photo courtesy: JAXA/NASA


It is iPad & iPhone application in this beautiful photograph…

Astronaut Soichi Noguchi who stayed in the International Space Station for long term,
Many photographs from space which was released on Twitter.
Music that photograph of the beautiful earth and first-class musicians play costs collaboration rate,
Special program "!hymn to ... beautiful earth What a wonderful world" that got favorable reception.
It is cause, music of cooperation of JAXA, NASA and first meteno to enjoy in response to voice sent to program
Collection of earth photographs "GAIA What a wonderful world!" was born!

<photo courtesy: JAXA/NASA>

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