Your common sense is unreasonable. It is no use!

Wednesday, July 18 6:55 p.m. broadcast

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Sardine and skill in saving SP ... of ... season ▽For channel charges saving which saving researcher, Miwa Komatsu tells, we do ○○ to shower head! What is the method to hold summer energy bill in check?
▽Sardine dishes which are recommended at this time! Chef of well-known store initiates into "fried sardine & sardine gyoza"! We get smell of sardine in that seasoning!
▽We want to try this summer! What is art of Super Bowl scoop? What is person trouble that mosquito-repellent incense lasts a long time?

Kazutoyo Koyabu, Akira Hokuto, Takahisa Masuda (NEWS), Aki Yashiro

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