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Friday, May 25, 2018 broadcast
※Next broadcast is Friday, May 25.

Master, George Tokoro of the life solves curious simple question and trouble clearly!

We study the backside in the world that he/she does not tell and the unknown truth with a laugh at school!

Back numbers

The sokon Dioscorea tokoro night-duty room

[HP-limited] Good? Wise remark May 11, 2018 broadcast of the life

We see more

Theme that we are raising

Memory same makeover desk remake corps

"There is memory! Do not spend even ...; "there is memory! Even ... becomes storeroom; "there is memory! Because even ... is big, we raise desks that memory to be bulky was jam-packed very much!

Garden challenge

We remodel garden of your parents' house (parents)!

Recruitment of carpenter challenge request University!

We want carpenter to make this! We raise one with request called this very much!

Surprising long-distance commuting

Goods present that commuting becomes fun for employed person

Safe, door which does not open

We raise "safe, doors which do not open" which you know very much!

We apply for plan

Program summary

In this program, guest and audience learn while enjoying culture and knowledge that he/she does not tell with genius, Tokoro at school.
But we do not go for examination even if we know topic to deal with in program either and are not great. But it is program which heart is used to wealthily when we know this.

Performer introduction

  • George TokoroGeorge Tokoro
  • Miki Shigeta (TV TOKYO announcer)Miki Shigeta
    (TV TOKYO announcer)
  • (the left) Kazuya Kojima (the right) Ken Watabe (anjasshu)(the left) Kazuya Kojima
    (the right) Ken Watabe

  • Takahiro Azuma (Take2)Takahiro Azuma (Take2)
  • Michiko ShimizuMichiko Shimizu
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