sokoage ★The night

It is slightly before date changes…We pay attention at 23:58 of TV Tokyo! (as for Yoshihiko on Friday from 24:12!)

TUE Flash! Class B news SHOW

Tuesday, October 9 start!

We introduce news full of a feeling of Class B without what is reported in national news in topics form seriously very much.
Furthermore, performers said to be "Class B lover" gather in studio and are variety show developing Class B episode talk with performer oneself heat.

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WED Gourmet season2 of loneliness

Wednesday, October 10 start!

Season2 broadcast of that program called midnight snack terrorism is decided!
Quantity to eat in broadcast time powers up a little this time!
Goro Inogashira role of leading role is individuality group actor, Yutaka Matsushige as well as previous work.
Okay, to trip of healing to satisfy hunger happily!

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THU The removal of a ban! The revelation night

Thursday, October 11 start!

"Former detective" Former ○○ who has revelation talk to be able to talk about now who quitted "former drug agent" ..., the occupation! Person who had a surprising experience who is interested in nado, anyone! =True story talk variety that inside story and anyone of occupation have curious experiences come to light to strange experients!

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FRI Key of brave man Yoshihiko and demon

Friday, October 12 start! ※0:12 ... late-night as for the broadcast time

Adventure of Yoshihiko is re-start of expectation!
Because seal of demon had been solved for 100 years by - - someone after legendary brave man Yoshihiko (Takayuki Yamada) defeated demon king, the world was going to fall into hand of evil again….

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