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March 1, 2018 broadcast Stroke thorough preventive two hours SP to protect you and family

It is special for two hours to send under the theme of method to protect you and family from dangerous "stroke" about life if it develops once. We carry out signatures just before that were able to have narrow escape from death from right actions to be taken and prophylaxis, stroke that the person and family should take when it has developed thoroughly and introduce by any chance. Furthermore, we exhibit all the details of operation of DJ KOO where serious problem was found in in brain to the public first with treasured picture on TV when we appeared on this program in last September.


MC Jin Kusano, Koji Higashino
Assistant Tomoko Morimoto (TV TOKYO announcer)
Guest Miyuki Imori, Chiriko Sakashita, DJKOO, the Nakagawas etiquette two, Haruhi Ryouga  ※The order of the kana syllabary
Doctor Toshi Akitsu man (circulatory organ internal medicine), Hiroyasu Kamiyama (neurosurgery), Munetetsu Tei (Chinese medicine), chusankyu德 (internal medicine, rheumatic course), Yoshinori Nagumo (breast surgery, plastic surgery), Tomomi Himeno (psychosomatic medicine) ※The order of the kana syllabary

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Program summary

Of the chief physician who can trust whether can spend time at the time of disease and injury in peace as soon as exist.
Therapeutic method depending on how to choose, disease of doctor and hospital…In various questions about medical care, active play doctors who gathered tell studio one action.
Doctor left life to and the life when we can live long with acquaintance, health well!
It is intellectual entertainment variety program which "can choose doctor" of new style that it is helpful and cries in whole family and laughs, and there is that I really wanted.

Performer introduction

  • Jin Kusano [MC]
  • Koji Higashino [MC]
  • Tomoko Morimoto [assistant]
    (TV TOKYO announcer)


  • Toshi Akitsu man (Akitsu doctor's office director)
  • Hiroyasu Kamiyama (Sapporo Tadashi feeling society Hospital neurosurgery)
  • Tadashi Okabe (Okabe clinic's director)
  • Munetetsu Tei (Nihon Pharmaceutical University's president)
  • chusankyu德 (Soshigaya Okura clinic's director)
  • Yoshinori Nagumo (Nagumo clinic total director)
  • Tomomi Himeno (himenotomomi clinic's director)
  • Kazuhiro Mori (Manager of Dokkyo Medical University medical department specially appointed professor / 髙ishinaikaichokanaishikyo center)
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