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Introduction including novel various opinions to exist late-night information variety that just watches every "various opinions" in the world whether it is the truth, various opinions with dream, real various opinions!

★February 22 is sun of ninja. Speaking of village of ninja who is the strongest for Japanese "Iga, Koga!" However, it is not known very much that there is village of ninjas more than 50 in all over Japan. Therefore, other than "Iga, Koga who is established theory," we introduce various opinions concerning "village of ninja" looking for village of ninja deserving to be if we call if the strongest! To Nagano! In Odawara! And to Saga of Kyushu! Village of the strongest ninja existed?


★These days when name is becoming natural shiningly now. What did ancestor of the glitter name match from the age of civil strife? With the name of the shock…?


Akira Kawashima (giraffe) Takashi Yoshimura (Heisei Nobushi Magnolia Kobus)