Craftsman - Mary whom she was in love with is crazy ... for artisan

The lead: Yudai Chiba (the part of Takumi Wada), Taylor (the part of Mary)

Wednesday, January 6, 2016 11:58 p.m. - broadcast!

Introduction introduction

Theme of this drama is "the sum".

Above all, spotlight "craftsman", and, "the skill of artisan," not only information but also heart of the sum is felt; see, and send as special program with full of answers.

We develop story to base by the traditional skill of good old Japan which takes a look, and feels some other time of Canadian woman who is main character while approaching in craftsmanship full of a sense of reality more by having genuine craftsman appear.

Story story

Mary (Taylor) of Canadian woman,
We visit Japan to report "the skill of Japanese craftsman" at university.
University student, Takumi Wada (Yudai Chiba) whom craftsman dislikes for certain reason,
In atendo doing Mary by request of teacher of university….

With the skill of deep artisan of visiting craftsmen including kitchen knife craftsman and ironworker, kimono craftsman
Mary is moved with heart of craftsman who hid very much.
At first, reluctant ko is gradually attracted.

Visit to Japan of such Mary included a certain pigeon purpose.
It is said that there is person wanting to see Japan by all means.

However, while there are few clues of search for person,
The only hint being "craftsman of the sum."

What is sum craftsman that Mary is looking for?
Why is Mary going to meet desperately to there?

And, in fact, reason why ko disliked craftsman boiled his breeding….
While two each has thought that we hid, trip on the heels of the skill of artisan begins.

Cast cast

Takumi Wada Yudai Chiba
Craftsman that the parents' house is small factory, and father lasts three generations.
However, the person does not like such a quiet business.
We go together to observe the skill of Japanese artisan at the request of Mary, but it is said that "it is good" loses by the excellent front from Mary. While it is attracted by innocent Mary, we are reminded of by charm of the sum.
Whereabouts of love with Mary?
Yudai Chiba comment
We hear with drama which featured the theme of "the sum" and are a pleasure as we like "Japanese-style originator" of TV TOKYO and see well. We have felt ashamed about "Japanese culture" and "the sum" widely while being interested as there was only light knowledge without being able to answer question of friend of foreigner.
Therefore there may be place where role of university student who does not know sum culture overlaps with oneself slightly. Oneself thinks of study dekitaranato about "the sum" through this drama, too.
Actors are doing late-night drama of TV TOKYO lively, and there is impression called frame which can do various thing without falling into model too much. We are glad that we can appear on drama of the frame this time.
As Taylor of the part of heroine is very pretty, we want to try hard similarly not to be defeated for actor said to, "we are pretty" (laugh). Please look forward to the everybody right or wrong!

Mary coordinates Lee Taylor
It is visited Japan by Canada.
"Artisan fetish girl" that we have a profound knowledge of Japanese culture, and eyes become heart in technique and appearance of craftsman in particular. It is diligent, and everything is cute. In fact, it had a certain purpose to have come to Japan….
Taylor comment
The first drama! We are excited very much, but are tense! It will be really a pleasure now to be able to work with everybody and to be mentioned much Japanese culture. We try so hard that we do not get a wrong Japanese pronunciation and accent! Everybody by all means "craftsman whom she was in love" with in fun! It is ... thank you in advance♡

Daijiro Todoroki Naoto Takenaka
It is Professor history of nation Manabu outside university to go to of ko.
By the way, we lead ko and Mary to the cause of craftsman and talk about great erudition of the skill of artisan.
Naoto Takenaka comment
Chiba, Taylor, young people are good, we are fresh. We hide a lot of coming possibility. Chiba was pretty and was fun.
Kitchen knife of Sakai seems to be great. Though it is only it to have been able to see in front, it is already "sword"!
We were impressed by that.
Because the history as we cannot guess piles up, I am looking forward to the craftsmanship as audience really what kind of finished one they are.
Kitchen knife of Sakai is great! Kitchen knife of Sakai is ...! We think that it is the overwhelming highlight.

Staff staff

[supervision] Ryuta Nishigoya
[producer] Koichi Hamatani (TV TOKYO)
[production] TV TOKYO