World shock story
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Program summary

The modern society where we live in is always the situation side by side with danger.
We may face unimaginable situation overnight.
We must make a decision to control the later life then.
Is it tragedy that there is over there? Or is it miracle?
This program actually introduces shocking story that happened in world each place!

The program details

[UFO which appeared in O'Hare International Airport! (the United States)]
November, 2006. Mechanic and pilots witnessed flying saucer in American Chicago O'Hare International Airport. Sound just after witness was left for radio at the time.
Color floats neighborhood in long silence in gray immediately, and we soar up into the sky, and it is said that we break through thick cloud and disappeared afterwards.
But nothing was reflected in radar, and the Federal Aviation Administration and airline reported that there was not witness information of UFO to avoid trouble.
However, many people surely witnessed disk-shaped flight object!
On earth what is flight object which appeared at airport on that day?


[UFO witness case to occur frequently in 37 degrees N line! (the United States)]
Zipper zukousuki of former peace officer who lived in United States, Colorado investigated UFO for 25 years.
In area with much witness information, we noticed that there was a certain law when he collected data on many UFO eyewitnesses.
UFO witness case occurred intensively to go along 37 degrees N line which crossed the center of the American continent. Furthermore, it becomes clear that there is base of air force in neighborhood of each witness point.
Testimony indicating possibility that air force had relations with alien surfaces in sequence when we push forward investigation.
We approach for U.S. forces and relations of alien to lie in "UFO way" crossing continent where there was not what is revealed so far!


[UFO and villager mysterious death case of the Amazon! (Peru)]
In 2008, three mysterious light, UFO were witnessed in village in the jungle of the Amazon.
Case discovered with figure that inhabitants died mysteriously got up in this village, and it was thought that it was caused by this mysterious light, and villager fell into panic at that time.
Village mayor asked air force, but answer cries….


[legendary UMA chupakabura discovery! (Mexico)]
In August, 2010, strange goat mysterious death case occurs in small town of Mexico.
All the blood was outrun overnight, and goat of 300 died at seven ranches.
It was thought that it might be "wild dog" and "puma" to have attacked goat when we began investigation.
However, it is said that none does strange how to kill sucking in blood. Opinion to be act of unconfirmed creature = UMA "chupakabura" handed down before long in this area surfaces.
And animal thought to be "chupakabura" is discovered!
Criminal who attacked goat is legendary "chupakabura" as expected