Elucidate world shock story mystery! Special
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Program summary

The modern society where we live in is always the situation side by side with danger.
We may face unimaginable situation overnight.
We must make a decision to control the later life then.
Is it tragedy that there is over there? Or is it miracle?
This program actually introduces shocking story that happened in world each place!

The program details

[world shocking videos]
We release shocking picture collected from all over the world very much!


[elucidate mystery of "glittering huge eddy"! ⇒What is real identity?]
In December, 2009, mysterious light of huge curliness appeared in the Norwegian sky.
Many people witnessed this strange light and were greatly taken up day after day in the media.
We ask the Norwegian military to discover real identity of mysterious light, but answer does not appear.
Various hypotheses are made, but carry out "UFO theory" and "abnormal weather theory" "weapon theories" afterwards….
And real identity of this mysterious huge vortex is uncovered at last!


[elucidate mystery of "airplane which disappeared"! ⇒Why did you disappear?]
Young pilot flying the offing of Australia by air at night with 1978 witnessed big flight object. But pilot had not been heard of suddenly afterwards.
They start search, but pieces of body are found in nothing.
Soon after having witnessed flight object, pilot informed controller, "we looked at thing which was not plane". Opinion that it is UFO that pilot saw surfaces when we start investigation.
On earth why did airplane disappear?


[elucidate mystery of "wife killed during 20 minutes"! ⇒Who killed?]
The 2001 United States. Wife Caroline that was waiting for return in house while of only 20 minutes where husband Kevin and three children were away from home towards rental video cassette shop was killed.
What there remained in the spot "footprint of boots." "Knife" of length of a blade 20cm fell into garden three. As nothing was stolen from house, it was unlikely to be robbery.
Tragedy which attacked happy family in quiet residential area….
When the police push forward the investigation, case shows unexpected development.
What was there for "20 minutes of blank?" On earth who suppressed wife Caroline?