World shock story
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Program summary

The modern society where we live in is always the situation side by side with danger.
We may face unimaginable situation overnight.
We must make a decision to control the later life then.
Is it tragedy that there is over there? Or is it miracle?
This program actually introduces shocking story that happened in world each place!

The program details

[criminal of husband killing is who! The truth of uncovered bog W immorality]
United States, Missouri. Wife Theresa married husband Randie in childhood friends and was blessed with two children.
We worked together and were right well assorted pair in town. But one day husband Randie is shot to death in office. Anyone of downtown was shocked by this. When the police begin the investigation, love letter addressed to Theresa is discovered by person except husband. She did immorality how.
Furthermore, sinful new fact is uncovered when we question wife Theresa. As expected the truth of Randie murder case?

[there is somebody not to know in strange phenomenon basement of fear…!]
In 2002, Haley got engaged to Eliot and moved in to new house. In daughter Jennie between ex-wife of Eliot coming over to the new home afterwards only for four weeks. But weird phenomenon begins to be caused when you can embrace two people of Haley and Jennie. At first, we thought whether it was mischief of Jennie, but were not so.
It is house where there should be what only two people, but I feel whom not to know in basement it is. Strange phenomenon to still continue. On earth who is it as expected to lie hidden in basement?