World shock story
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Program summary

The modern society where we live in is always the situation side by side with danger.

We may face unimaginable situation overnight.

We must make a decision to control the life then.

Is it tragedy that there is over there? Or is it miracle?

This program actually introduces story of shock that happened in the world.

Broadcast content

1."The spirit! Visitor who is not invited"
Robin who lost mother in August, 1998 is with by father who married again and will live with younger sister with new mother. However, weird phenomenon begins to be caused afterwards. Blackout happened suddenly, and mysterious person appeared. Furthermore, strange phenomenon happened to mother and younger sister.
Therefore in mother photographing in video camera in house. Then surprising scene!
In Robin calling psychic medium at last. What is one real identity of the soul to be able to trouble family as expected?

2."Town where UFO gather"

On November 25, 2009, mysterious flying object was witnessed in Argentine county town.
People more than 30 witnessed it with cigar type into long pieces. In addition, the area whole area was lost power soon after the flying object disappeared. In fact, there was strange event in this town 14 years ago.
Route that flying object seemed to make an emergency landing in the mountains of neighborhood when big explosion resounded suddenly was left.
However, the spot did not have trace of the wreckage. Do these two strange events have any relation?
And what is real identity of mysterious flying object?


3."Mysterious explosion"
2009, North Carolina of the United States. Strange phenomenon to surprise inhabitants in this town is taking place.
"Mysterious explosion" that it resounds with shock as house vibrates without any sign.
Various opinions surface when we start investigation in order to investigate the truth.
However, those opinions were denied in sequence when they pushed forward scientific inspection.
And UFO opinion surfaces at last. What is real identity of "mysterious explosion" threatening living of inhabitants as expected?

4.Strange! Secret of mountain hut"
September 15, 2009. Kevin of Jess and lover took advantage of holiday and went to mountain hut.
However, weird phenomenon takes two people when we enter mountain hut. There is strange cross on wall,
Scratch that seems to be doubtful to thu of the circumference. Furthermore, when two people eat dinner; inside
A large quantity of insects were mixed. Strange sound sounds afterwards, two people in panic state.
But the growing late outside is dead darkness at night. We cannot go out until the next morning. As expected fate of two people?

5."Jailbreak! Escape drama from impregnable guard prison"
One man was accommodated by prison of the best guard in Florida.
When rondelle lead, he arrive at prison, the name of man decides jailbreak immediately.
Similarly we made Taylor taking fellow and pushed forward jailbreak plan in two people.
And it is jailbreak der Tag at last. Two people attack space of prison guard and, through vent, go on warehouse.
Does plan of two people really succeed? Ending of shock more than imagination was waiting over there!


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