[drama of Friday 8:00] Excellent inference (provisionally) of butler Nishizono temple
Broadcast cool in April, 2018!

The highlight

Drama of Friday 8:00 cool in April, 2018
"Excellent inference of butler Nishizono temple"
The lead: Takaya Kamikawa
The TV TOKYO serial drama first lead!
In “ too perfect butler "to make for lady by excellent inference


As for the TV TOKYO, drama of 8:00 broadcasts "excellent inference of butler Nishizono temple" coolly on Friday in April, 2018. It is stage, TV, movie and ability group actor that plays an active part widely, and played various positions from serious position to comical position, Takaya Kamikawa that act as the lead. Main character who solves case by excellent inference plays Terakazu Nishizono this time while being butler. As for Kamikawa acting as the lead in serial drama of TV TOKYO, the part of butler becomes the first challenge again for the first time, too.

"Excellent inference of butler Nishizono temple" (provisionally)

Butler that Terakazu Nishizono always makes for “ wife "sincerely. It is perfect and, with ability to read the surprisingly wide knowledge and experience, clear observing eye, air, meets every request. Even if it is solution to murder case…. Exciting mystery entertainment that “ too perfect butler "plays an active part as for the drama of 8:00 on Friday of Kool in April, 2018. Don't miss it!

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Work introduction

With butler―――
From waitperson of housekeeping, meal and tea, ironing of newspaper, we partition off all in mansion until supervision of servant, management of property let alone partner of tennis. As for it extremely smartly…. It is "ultimate secretary" who how would be pleased with master, and always minds, and handles every thing by full custom tailoring.


Man that main character, Terakazu Nishizono is said to be "perfect butler." It is modern "knight" who it is "eminent scholar" meeting any wish of the master by immeasurable ability and perfect consideration, and goes through the absolute loyalty.
Elegant, refined "wife" that tea matches that such Nishizono temple serves well in afternoon. Lady that we are full of curiosity, and there are a lot of only slightly natural character, auras which "we want to follow".
Nishizono temple serves here since before the master of this family died and is tied to wife in deep, warm relationship of mutual trust. We risk all and, for wife, make in wed in tue literally.
Such two people bump into murder case. Taking intention of wife who felt question for case into account, Nishizono temple begins the original investigation. Of course, despite able butler who is how much, it should be amateur in the case investigation…However, there is no impossibility in Nishizono temple. With knowledge and ability, we solve mystery of case vividly. Please enjoy the best mystery entertainment by too perfect butler.

Cast introduction

Terakazu Nishizono (saionjihajime)…Takaya Kamikawa

All-around butler who serves Ijuin family of capitalist. As well as care of wife, all of mansion are left. By rumor, we graduate from noble butler school in London at the top, and it is whispered that we acted as butler with super-wealth of all parts of the world, but does not understand the truth. Right too perfect man to be able to speak profound knowledge and experience, several languages let alone ability as butler, and to know martial art with ability for high body, and to handle end until performance of piano. But be wrapped up in the veil thick ever, and person to know is a person that it is mystery ass which there is little…

Takanari Kamikawa comment

As we will work on duty called butler for the first time, at first it is reliable to be study from the beginning, but as it is original work which there is not of the original, we include element that limit to hit on is various and, after that, want to mold man called Nishizono temple. Story of "perfect butler" who can do it because it is drama. We want to enjoy free leap only by original work so that it is in story felt, "some daily life may not become wonderful if there is such a person close". In addition, Ijuin family which was the greatest for "wife" that Nishizono temple exerted all ability and served linked name at this time. We cannot reveal yet, but want to act with every effort to be able to become butler deserving to be if we serve the one.
As we think that it is for which air described between people concerned with the exchanges with Terakazu Nishizono and wife and Ijuin family looks at at * palm and time when it is, we want to build up power with various places of the cast acting in the same play and staff in total as hard as possible.
In spring of 2018, it became long in coming for me. How about everybody, too, or wait a minute now.

Comment of producer

TV TOKYO production station drama production department Junpei Nakagawa
At opportunity to meet genuine butler in Japan, it is not silly. But it is popular so as to become one genre as "butler thing" by novel and comics. Though we do not understand well, with butler, the actual situation is slightly longed-for existence. Therefore if, as for the drama of 8:00, Takaya Kamikawa is butler only for me on Friday of next April…Such a desire (delusion?) I send plan that came out of this, "excellent inference of butler Nishizono temple". Of course this Kamikawa butler, super able one grant every wish for the master. By the way, even if it is thing more than work categories of butler called solution to murder case…It is right "too perfect butler". And playing "wife" that such Kamikawa butler serves and works as… It is still a secret, but please look forward to the announcement as casting is doing which can understand saying it is saying "Kamikawa butler serves with every effort if it is this one". Drama of 8:00, please expect "excellent inference of butler Nishizono temple" on Friday of the next spring!

Program summary

[program name] Drama "excellent inference of butler Nishizono temple" of Friday 8:00
[broadcast plan] It is cool in April, 2018
[the lead] Takaya Kamikawa
[supervision] Hajime Hashimoto Makito Murakami
[script] Shinichi Tanaka Tetsuya Oishi Chiaki Manabe
[plan original bill] Yu Hoshino
[chief producer] Koichi Hamatani (TV TOKYO)
[producer] Junpei Nakagawa (TV TOKYO) Atsushi Kurosawa Yosuke Higashida
[production] TV TOKYO tele pack
[simulcast] Television Osaka, Television Aichi, TV setouchi, Television Hokkaido Broadcasting, TVQ Kyushu broadcast