SUPER GT + (super GT plus)

Every Sunday 11:30 p.m. ...


We spotlight motor sports, SUPER GT of the domestic highest peak and fully convey charm and highlight. We adhere to maestro supporting star and supervision, mechanic of SUPER GT, lace including tire man and, let alone GT500, all war reports of GT300, convey the world of SUPER GT to beginner clearly.

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2018/10/14 O.A. ♯ 375 "will enjoy first circuit supermarket GT seventh war automatic police!"

※Broadcast on October 14 broadcasts ... at late-night 0:00.

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Two remainder, seventh round are Kyushu decisive battles in season.
Therefore to enjoy race; of the circuit outskirts
Tourist attraction and local gourmet are introduced, too.
We expect the winner of more important decisive point decisive battle very much.
Guest is Chika Nakagawa of actress in Yui Okada Minoru and model.