Seoul that is in love

Where in Seoul are you in love with?

Even if it does not spread out in Japan or we are known for "soul to be in love", we introduce Seoul information that we did not know deeply. To because "is this Seoul" on the morning of Sunday in woman unmissable new sense information program "Seoul that is in love" of your own please find purpose!

Every Sunday 10:00 a.m. broadcast

Program navigator: Moe Oshikiri

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Secondary to the last time of two of MC of "Seoul that is in love"
Moe Oshikiri and Shizuka Kondo knew through program so far
We visit place of Seoul No. 1.

Moe Oshikiri and Shizuka KondoTwo people of MC of "Seoul that is in love!" Moe Oshikiri and Shizuka Kondo

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"Seoul official approval!" While problem in connection with broadcast content of "Seoul that is in love" is made questions for and carries out "Seoul official approval" that Rakuten point deals with! tweet will do program and information about Seoul here! Click