Of morning! Walk way
From Monday to Friday 7:35 a.m.

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Of Thursday, October 18, 2018 from 07:35 to the morning! Walk way [Setagaya-ku] traveler: Takatoshi Kaneko

Of morning! Walk way Of morning! Walk way
Of morning! Walk way Of morning! Walk way

This month one month interlocking movement plan "one ward of walk a day." Walk Tokyo's 23 wards every day in rotation, taking picture of ward place of "old precious photograph?" What is happening now? We get information to local person and look for this!


Search for photograph of gentleman having fun of golf photographed today in Setagaya-ku 95 years ago!
◆Because it had three teahouses first in the Edo era to have come; Sangen-jaya with the name. We meet with progeny of three former teahouses during inquiry at long-established store ◆Besides, unrivaled article of limited sale seasonal in bakers well-established having been continued since the Taisho era! It is eating a food with great relish to fresh cream bean-jam bun ◆With real identity of the place representing Setagaya-ku now?


[traveler] Takatoshi Kaneko

Program summary

We visit town becoming topic and stroll in town aimlessly now while touching various people. "Oh,!" we are surprised and "we pass and admire with ...!" and look for mysterious thing and person who want to voice unintentionally. Furthermore, we hear "happiness episode" that we thought to be "shelf a ...!" to person whom we met on the way. Of course it is full of gourmet information only in here, too! To person who got tired in noisy morning, we make one-day opening fun! It is walk program pleasantly.

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