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Of Tuesday, July 17, 2018 from 07:35 to the morning! Walk way [Kyoto] traveler: Takatoshi Kaneko

Morning walk way Morning walk way
Morning walk way Morning walk way

We jump out of Tokyo and take a walk this week while looking for new constant seller and "which, then, there is not" which is not known unexpectedly under the theme of "one that is not ○○" in program first Kyoto, Osaka.


Traditional culture has dark color and takes a walk today looking for "Kyoto that is not tradition" in Kyoto to stay!
◆What is evolution form of 24-hour "raw Yatsuhashi" which the expiration date cut out?
◆That when peculiar photograph comes out, it is not tradition of Nanzen-ji Temple where is quite popular with foreign tourists? ◆Taxi driver dressed in topknot. In discerning hairstyle and half life secret story of impression!
◆Modernistic pickle? It is surprise in recipe to overturn tradition.


Takatoshi Kaneko

Program summary

We visit town becoming topic and stroll in town aimlessly now while touching various people. "Oh,!" we are surprised and "we pass and admire with ...!" and look for mysterious thing and person who want to voice unintentionally. Furthermore, we hear "happiness episode" that we thought to be "shelf a ...!" to person whom we met on the way. Of course it is full of gourmet information only in here, too! To person who got tired in noisy morning, we make one-day opening fun! It is walk program pleasantly.

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