Versification award 2017 in Japan
[broadcast was finished]


Versification award that began in 1968 in Japan.
This year becomes the 50th. From nomination 11 work,
One grand prix, 3 works of two excellent Best Picture Award in total are elected by live broadcasting.





Kazuo Tokumitsu
Noriko Fukuda (TV TOKYO announcer)

[nomination work]


Nomination work

※The work name order of the kana syllabary


"Aizu Oiwake"
Song: Aiko Moriyama / versification: Hemp calendar

"Flower which blooms now towards the sun"
Song: NOBU/ versification: NOBU

"Excellent poem of man"
Song: Kiyoshi Hikawa / versification: Fumihiko Hara

"Style of man"
Song: Miyama Hiroshi / versification: Shinnichi Ishihara

"Beach song of mother"
Song: We pass in this way, and there is Fukuda and writes a poem /: sawadasuzuko

Song: Aya Shimazu / versification: kyujinkyokai

"Heart makeup"
Song: Toshimi Tagawa / versification: Saito large three

"We get separated flower"
Song: Yukino Ichikawa / versification: Hemp calendar

"Early Tomo no Seto"
Song: Kaori Mizumori / versification: takinoeiji

"Hiji River storm"
Song: Natsuko Godai / versification: kita*chu

"Accommodation of drift ice"
Song: Miyako Otsuki / versification: Tomiko Okada

[nomination work]


Toshiya Niitani work block

"We cannot look at liquor"
Song: Masuiyama large Shiro

"Evening flute of Sado"
Song: Hill green


The Best New Artist Award

"Cicada of four-and-a half-mat room"
 Song: asamichiyuki / versification: Constipated tree eyes

The 49th Japan versification award 

"House of cicada" (beating cicada)
Song: Takao Horiuchi / versification: Mami Takubo