Specialist in royal panes - lifesaving Hank―

DVD present is this

Blue sky, cloud - here white peep into life of Beverly Hills celebrity of the East Coast!

Is it unconventional medical drama that there is not operation scene at all? Main contents of U.S. cable TV station are already ground wave first appearances of Japan. The stage is high quality summer resort Hamptons called "east Beverly Hills". To business trip specialist in purveyance for the government celebrity-like fiery zeal doctor who was fired from large hospital by unexpected coincidence (concierge doctor). As for the celebrity respecting private, there are many secrets. Avoid the public eye, even as for the MRI in home. Main character puts free medical care for poor person of town for a large amount of reward that we took away from rich person in life of luxurious celebrity so that sigh is given while having antipathy.

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