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    DRAMA 24 Gourmet Season6 of loneliness

    @Gourmet Season6 of tx_kodokugurume [drama 24] loneliness

    It is TV TOKYO system broadcast program official Twitter of "gourmet of loneliness". Ability group actor, Yutaka Matsushige that it wins individually to play main character, Goro Inogashira. Week…

    117,798 people

  • 5


    @foot_brainFOOT X BRAIN

    Project to realize World Cup championship of soccer representative from Japan with audiences. We have mind zukio from various BRAIN (viewpoint) not only soccer world…

    92,635 people

  • 6

    May we charge?

    @May we charge tvtokyo_degawa?

    Golden "becoming a peer" of Tetsuro Degawa program

    58,208 people

  • 7


    @tx_spacenews space news

    Person only in the world that active astronaut (Soichi Noguchi) tells about the latest information of space as anchorperson, and announcer Eri Kano reports…

    53,275 people

  • 8

    Site of nanana.

    @Site of tvtokyo_nanana nanana.

    Official Twitter account of TV TOKYO banana employee "nanana" ☆Let alone the latest information of nanana, we report activity at any time! Co-worker of nanana whelk…

    51,299 people

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    Nikkei special Cumbria palace

    @cambrian_palace Nikkei special Cumbria palace

    It is "Cumbria palace" formula Twitter. We broadcast from 10:00 to stop by in series of TV TOKYO every Thursday.

    48,449 people

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    DRAMA 24 Night hero NAOTO

    @tx_night_hero [drama 24] knight hero NAOTO

    April broadcast! It is leader, the alone first drama of NAOTO of JSB starring in members of EXILE for the third generation! We appear to drama in the part of person how! me of national group…

    44,411 people

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