[performer] The talk: The Yuko Asano / narration: Jun Hattori

Well-known store of unknown ramen of your town comes up! Program to introduce ramen restaurant so popular that there are always lines to is natural! This program introduces "ramen restaurant which is not done of line". It is bad "not to be able to do it of line", and it never occurs in shop where visitor does not come to. It means "hard horse shop which hid to the people in the know that it is too new and is not known, or location including alley does not mention the public eye badly or has some kind of problems with form for business hours though it is delicious, and visitor does not stand in line". We put spot on shop which is open quietly in alley of such ramen site of a hard-fought battle, and special effects including high speed camera make full use of the art of the taste, too and solve. Please thoroughly enjoy the picture beauty of ramen which you have not looked at until now. Program which is broadcasted four times, and marked high television ratings repeats thorough researches newly, and ramen shop which can introduce with confidence is all present and broadcasts bi five times at the ready until now! It is special this time for two hours 30 minutes!

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