Rakuten Japan opening 2017
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On airdate

The Saturday, October 7 4:00 p.m. semifinals
The middle of the night of Sunday, October 8 3:10 final

Broadcast content

We broadcast the only ATP Tour to be carried out in Japan, Rakuten Japan open tennis this year! Where Japanese ace, Yuichi Sugita can win and advance to is great attention!

Ticket is sold out every year! Quite popular tennis international meeting, Rakuten Japan open tennis comes over this year! We tell about design of the semifinals on that day! In the past, meeting that it is hoped that Kei Nishikori wins the championship for achievement of Japanese player. Yuichi Sugita that attention of this year is expected as ace! Gaining laurels at meeting that world rank high rank concentrates in as expected? By all means in fun!

Commentary: Kotaro Miyaji (Universiade boy national team coach)
Live broadcast: Kazuya Masuda (TV TOKYO announcer)

Meeting summary

[meeting name]
Rakuten, Japan open tennis championships 2017 (under an alias: Rakuten Japan opening 2017)

The main match: From Monday, October 2, 2017 to 8th Sunday
Qualifier: From Saturday, September 30, 2017 to 1st Sunday

The Ariake Colosseum and forest Park coat of Ariake tennis

US $1,563,795

Hard court

Men's singles: 32 (qualifier: 16)
Men's doubles: 16 sets (qualifier: conduct undecided)

[game method]
Singles: It is 7-point tie-break method after each set 6 tying
Double: As for first, two sets after no advantage method, 6 tying
7-point tie-break method, the last set 10 points match tie-break method