Rakuten Japan opening 2016

2016.10.03~09 holding!

We win wonderful bronze medal by Rio Olympics, and Kei Nishikori of best 4 returns in triumph even to U.S. Open tennis! All games relay game of Kei Nishikori for first championship in 2 years from the first match since 2014.
​Three players within the ranking tenth place grind entry and are meeting that is high level.
We cannot take our eyes off meeting, Kei Nishikori in fierce battle inevitable now!

​We relay all Kei Nishikori, participation games!

  • Of Nishikori win and advance to the next around of, and is change of broadcast content by condition
Monday, October 3 Late-night 2:05 The first match highlight (plan) △
Wednesday, October 5 Late-night 1:35 The second match highlight (plan) △
Saturday, October 8 Evening 4:00 The semifinals
Sunday, October 9 Late-night 3:15 The final
  • △…It becomes broadcast only for TV TOKYO.
Commentary: Shuzo Matsuoka
Live broadcast: Kazuya Masuda

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