Friday, March 9, 2018 from 24:52 to 25:23

Docudrama that Takumi Saito puts on mask and challenges comedian. Colossal intellect, trace which worked on wild bomb kukkiga "laughter" seriously of popular actor, Takumi Saito and comedy world.

Takumi Saito and wild bomb kukki which stimulated the making of material for the R-1 grand prix. Saito asked Lily Frankie to make design of mask pretty one supported by child and woman and called out to NON STYLE Ishida to do kukkiha, own mysterious view of the world to the material which was popular with all people. Constitution of the material is decided, and the material is actually completed for selection of mask and going well including the choice of lines to use in R-1.
On the other hand, in "person mark" (pit in) which seemed whether was sealed movement?


 Takumi Saito
 kukki (wild nature bomb) (others)

Supervision, direction

[constitution] Takeshi Takemura
[supervision] Collection of Kubota


[opening theme]
"Freak It! feat. Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra"
 (SonyMusic Records)
[ending theme]
 Toshl (we assume ryugen)
 (samurai JAPAN music)

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