Friday, March 9, 2018 from 15:40 to 16:54

"Is it favorite monowhat of you?" Surprising drama was hidden there when we asked all of you who went to town! We fall into boundary charm and adhere to the sponsorship of association of border to walk in search of boundary line of each place!


 Kotaro Koizumi
 Yuka Takezaki (TV TOKYO announcer)
 Yoshikazu Ebisu
 Tomomi Nishimura
[broadcast reporter]
 Shinji Uchiyama

Program summary

We introduce yakuritsu chino ingredients and dishes to popular spot, housewife of "advantageous information" to want to know now that it came from life and rumor! In addition, we send while linking seasonal place, place with the seasonal material by broadcast now!

MC according to day

 Monday MC…Hidehiko Ishizuka
 Tuesday MC…Yusuke Kamiji
 Wednesday MC…Hiroshi Nagano
 Thursday MC…Hirohide Yakumaru
 Friday MC…Kotaro Koizumi