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That affinity worst combination of Cold War between the East and the West bottom, CIA agent which is playboy and KGB agent which is straitlaced person prevents global terrorist incident; sprint! Smart spy suspense (U.K. / for 2,015 years)


Henry kabiru (Napoleon solo) [voice]: Takanori Hoshino,
Army Hammer (Ilya chestnut shop Kyn) [voice]: Atsushi Miyauchi,
Alicia biKanda (Gabby Teller) [voice]: Mayumi Sako,
Elizabeth debikki (Victoria) [voice]: Yuka Komatsu,
Hugh Grant (Waverley)
[voice] : Junpei Morita

Supervision, direction

[supervision] Guy Ritchie


[production age / country] 2015 / U.K.

Story 1

1963, East Germany. American man more than borders visits working woman mechanic Gabby (Alicia biKanda) in car maintenance factory from the west. Napoleon solo (Henry kaviru) that real identity of the man is spy of CIA. We were looking for whereabouts of udo Teller doctor who was father of Gabby. Two people chased by the middle, doubtful man run away to West Germany across the Berlin Wall. The next day, solo from Sanders of the boss,

Story 2

We are introduced Ilya chestnut shop Kyn (army Hammer) which is spy of the Soviet Union. He was robust man who chased solo on the day before. Teller doctor was forced on Nazi and made nuclear bomb, and KGB would cooperate with CIA to prevent it. Solo and Ilya sneak into the remnants of the Nazis and crime syndicate vinchiguera shipping line making and rescue doctor and are given duty to take disk which study data entered away.

Story 3

As for Ilya, as for architect, Gabby of the Soviet Union, fiance, solo pretend to be art dealer each and go to Rome. Solo which crawled into party of vinchiguera comes close in Victoria (Elizabeth debikki) who is queen bee of organization. On the other hand, Gabby meets Rudy of uncle who is the fingers of vinchiguera again and is going to get place to stay of father….


[special first-run showing opening ending music of the afternoon]
"Escaping The Smokers(Waterworld/Soundtrack Version)" James Newton Howard

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